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About Me

Oh hello there...

I'm _Michael (Formally known as michae95l), but you can call me Michael! (Ssh! Don't tell anyone!)

I've been playing SimCity 4 since April '14, and for a full year, it was my favourite game, which I played intensely. I was constantly adding new content to improve my cities, and make it even more enjoyable. The game was great, all until it wouldn't load. I was using the Aspyr port on Mac, and there was an issue. The graphics would display. I was left with a blank region. No text, no cities, nothing. After weeks of searching I gave up, and moved over the new CS. It was great, all bar the lag on my underpowered system. The functionality was there, even if the aesthetics weren't. I loved playing CS, until in August '15, I decided to set up a virtual Windows 10 machine on my Mac, so I could play SimCity 4, properly again. And this is where I am now. 

I hope you enjoy my work in the "Show us your Transit Map Tread" and we'll as all the others and of course, my CJ, Mikenstein. Have a great day!