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  1. Need to upgrade, or buy new?

    No , 1080p isn't running very well on this card , you must either lower graphics from ultra to high or play at full settings in 720p. What I have seen is , Simcity is just blowing up 720p into 1080p i.e you see the same amount of city whether you are in 720p or 1080p but sharpness increases. However , buttons on the game became very small to a point where I found it difficult to navigate compared to 720p. -------- So you have hooked PC to 52 inch 1080p TV , Nice ! What speakers did you hook up to the system ?
  2. Need to upgrade, or buy new?

    i beg to differ, my pc started running hot, when i was playing simcity, it actually got hot on the case as well. so i had to take the lid off to let it cool down some...i need an internal fan but not shelling out more money for this bloody thing. cost me enough for the upgrade, i upgraded to 8 gig of ram, ati radeon 2gb and bigger power supply, simcity was freezing so i decided to upgrade,,no more freezes. Are you trying to get 1080p @ 60fps performance ?
  3. Need to upgrade, or buy new?

    It depends , Are you ok with 720p gameplay or need 1080p ? if you need 1080p or greater , then forget about that range of graphic cards. My PC configuration is this : (its from 2009 and the only thing I upgraded is graphic card) Core 2 Quad 2.6 Ghz 4GB DDR3 RAM Sapphire HD 7770 1GB GDDR5 card and it consumes ~80-90w 425w PSU LG 42 inch 3DTV as monitor for the PC 7770 card costs less than $100 in many places , its a decent card for casual users. As far as other cards are concerned , Most of them consume more than 100w power supply. I recorded a game using a camera : As you can see that , its a big city and night time. Even when I moved the mouse very fast , game didn't take performance hit