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  1. I have been working on a city for a couple of weeks now, and have a population that fluctuates between 155,000 and 170,000 but I am no longer able to get the city to grow any bigger. For the next city hall upgrade it says I need a population of 292,000 sims. I am aware that higher and medium wealth sims need more space than low wealth sims. So to get the maximum density I should be focusing on low wealth sims. However I do not just want to have low wealth sims in my city. I want a mix of all 3 wealth groups. I have upgraded most of my roads to High Density roads but notice that I still have quite a few houses in places. When I hover the cursur over the houses it says "not enough room to increase density" I also have mass transit in my city and a commuter railroad with 5 or 6 train stations which takes up quite a bit of room. However I think mass transit is important for a large city and would rather have a few less sims and provide mass transit. I also have quite a few parks in the city but for some reason still have the problem of buildings getting abandoned because the sims "cannot find shops or parks" I currently cannot afford a University but am hoping to build one once my city grows a bit. I also have a large region surrounding my city with a total population of 355,000 sims Here are some pictures of my city