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  1. Thanks for you're quick response CityCrafted. I have more faith in the modders fixing this bug than Maxis after their sudden disappearance post update 10.1. Although I'd love to be wrong!
  2. Hi, Firstly let me say "Wow!" - the new mods brought me back to SimCity. I never thought I'd see one way roads when the Maxis team went quiet all of a sudden. There is one huge problem still in the game that makes any educated town a frustration to play: disappearing students. Any time I play a town with any educational buildings I end up spending a huge amount of time "repopulating" either by demolishing residential buildings, or building and then demolishing residential megatowers. It's highly frustrating. Is it possible that a mod could also fix this after Maxis failed to time and time again? Interested to hear you're thoughts.