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  1. (possible) Demand Cap Problems

    Side note: You can sort of zone for wealth since only certain building grow on certain lot sizes. This is mostly important for and works for low wealth. With only original buildings a 2x4 (2 road front) high density lot can only grow to be high density low wealth. I've used this a lot to build dedicated low wealth tower blocks by spacing out the zoning with small parks in between.
  2. (possible) Demand Cap Problems

    Commercial not increasing in density doesn't look like a demand cap problem. High wealth offices can't be replaced by larger Medium wealth offices, which appears to be the situation. Zoning not growing can happen due to the simulation running really slow when a tile is full. Often the best solution is to plant temporary trees on the lot or put small parks with trees near by. This causes a temporary desirability spike that often will trigger growth. You probably have too little low income residential, which could be stalling commercial demand causing abandonment. Even in a purely commercial city I find that low income residential should be equal to medium income residential. When the high wealth commercial abandons due to lack of low income workers the high income workers will be out of a job and the excess high and medium income residential will abandon. High wealth offices still need lots of low income workers.
  3. Demand messed up

    There is a possibility that NAM caused the demand change. Changing the traffic model changes the amount of traffic noise, which is used calculate the customers desirability value for commercial. This is mentioned in the Traffic/Customers section of, http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=Understanding_the_Traffic_Simulator#Customers.2FTraffic_Noise_Coefficient. Note: Commercial offices were found to be most affected.
  4. No job zots

    You may want to check that your utility buildings (schools, hospitals, power plants, etc.) have the appropriate numbers of employees. I've found that sometimes these buildings become unreachable to the routing even though they are next to a road. I've seen this happen the most when placed adjacent to avenues. I don't know why but filling these jobs appears to takes priority and so residential buildings try to route them, fail and then abandon even when there are lots of other easily reachable jobs. This may not be what's causing your problem but it is one way to have no job zots even with lots of easily reachable jobs.
  5. Power Problems

    This is probably the thread you are looking for, Alternatively you can just put multiple power plants together and think of them as a single power plant. Pretty sure most real power plants are far larger in space than the SimCity power plants. They also generate far more power.
  6. Large Tile Cities?

    Note that regional development is not absolutely necessary but it does makes growing a city much easier. The simulation has some situations that can easily cause a single city to stagnate or go into a downwards spiral of abandonment. Using a region of cities generally avoids these situations since the cities, other than the one currently be played, aren't changing. The demand from all of the cities helps to keeps all of the cities stable.
  7. Getting Past a Population Plateau

    Other than what has already been mentioned a city's growth can stall if the work force becomes imbalanced. The game has a tendency to push out low wealth citizens in favor of medium and high wealth citizens as the city becomes more desirable to live in. However, the city's employers (even the highest level skyscrapers) need low wealth citizens to keep them running, and their growth stalls without a balanced work force. I've found that typically the first high density to grow is low wealth residential towers to give the people that have been pushed out of their homes by the richer some where to live.
  8. Forum lurker here. So that this competition doesn't end with only one competitor here's what I could put together yesterday afternoon. (This is patched SimCity 4 Deluxe with no mods) I sort of botched the rapid transit system which results in the population being lower than what the available jobs can support. I suspect that approx. 2 million could be possible.