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  1. Thanks for that explaination. I'm learning all kinds of stuff. I've got Simcity LE and Simcity 4 and I'm leaning toward the LE edition as the most fun but that may be because I don't know my way around the user interface in SC4 yet. I'm used to the LE edition and other than having no mods to play with ( there's actually no Pluggins directory at all ) it's a blast. I'm on the Region that has only three cities in it, I forget the name of it. Trinity Bay is one of the cities. I'm building TV's and computers and making money hand over fist. I think I'm up to $4.5Meg already. Where has this game been all of my life?
  2. So um....I'm new at this game ( been playing less than 100 hours at this point ) and I'm sure it's been asked before but what if you try to get some money from a different city by gifting -10K say. Surely the game engine checks for an amount equal to or less than 0. If not maybe perhaps someday it should. Hello. I'm 64 retired and play computer games for a living. Really, that's all I do. I've got two computer game opponents, one is playing me TOAW in a game about the Russian war and the other is playing me in WITP-AE and I'm the Japs. But I must say I'm having the time of my life playing SimCity Limited Edition. Which is a flawed product in that I sometimes lose my mouse cursor and have to guess where the mouse is pointing. It's a real pain doing a save game and quit in that order. I'm reading in the 2013 forum because that seems to be the EA product most like the LE version and I'm soaking up all the advice and tips and good will. Thanks ahead of time everybody for taking the time to read this. EDIT: I just had a telemarker call that lasted about 20 milliseconds and the message on my answering machine had a half life of 2 seconds. EDIT2: Okay......I finally figured out that you click on a button to designate the money amount so there would have to be some kind of mod or something to send a negative money amount and it probably shouldn't be attempted because it might cause the game engine to crash.....who knows?