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  1. Thanks it worked now i got another problem when i put the realistic mod on the houses don't have texture
  2. Basically: In your plugins folder, create a new folder and move the texture file inside it. Select & rename the folder as Nonny described. When starting the game, this folder will be loaded after other plugins. This should give the texture pack priority, and may help avoid a conflict with another file. Okay I did it and still nothing man at this point I think there is nothing possible for this to be fixed
  3. Okay sorry to ask this question but how would i be able to do that I am kinda new to this that is why.
  4. What programs would i need to use to create custom buildings. Anyone know?
  5. I have that in my plugin folders already and still have the same problem and not just with that lot with any lot i download. Well i have everything needed so that the lot could look like in the picture but its not just with that lot its with other lots i downloaded.
  6. I downloaded all the necessary files so the lot could look like it looks in the Picture but it looks like this why. I tried another method didn't work could anyone tell me how to fix this problem if it is possible.