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  1. Well, after the lots of updates Paradox and CO had released, i can't play C:S anymore 'cause my computer is $%&^!ty.

    So, why don't play some good old Simcity 4?

    Yeah... but the thing is that the game is old and in new PCs tends to crash. You get carried away, having lots of fun and then it crashes! And you lose everything!!

    May be the end of it coming?!

    1. Lunar Techie

      Lunar Techie

      Try playing C:S on Linux running the KDE desktop platform. Thing freezes so easily.

  2. Downtown Athens

    can you please tell me where did you get all those 60s / 70s looking buildings? thank you
  3. Electric Power Lines

    Nice mod, but it conflicts with the Electrified railway (catenary) mod by oppie. I hope you will fix this :D
  4. Playing SimCity 2013

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke


  5. The Aftermath...

    Probably not, because the nuclear power plant explosion contaminated the site of the city with radiation. _____________________________________________________________________________________ So there will be an "Ashville Metropolis Exclusive Zone", just like the one in Chernobyl?   Just like Sendai, in Godzilla!
  6. Very cool & nice work there!  P.S.: How do you post big files/images?