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  1. Good responses, all thanks. I think I just have to face the truth that I'm going to have to rebuild my custom files piece by piece. Oh well, I guess if I still enjoy the game as much as I did before my old machine died, then it'll be worth it
  2. Hi everyone...I'm an old user of SimCity4, and used to be on these forums, but it has been so long even my email address I originally used is no longer valid. Anyway, I am seriously considering downloading the Deluxe game again, now that machine tech has come far enough to run this game more effectively (I burned up my old computer years ago). Anyhow, my only hesitation is that I long ago lost the hard drive where I had my plug-ins folder, and I recall how long it took me to put this together. I'd like to play badly, but I don't want to spend the next two months re-building my plug-ins folder. Can anyone point me to perhaps a "one-stop-shop" where I can load up a bunch of the buildings/mods at once, without having to go file by file through these forums? I'm particularly interested in that small park that would give you unlimited cash (I'm a sandbox mode kinda guy), good quality high-rise buildings (ploppable and developed), and I particularly recall a monorail station (and perhaps it was a transport mod-pack) that upped the capacity of the monorail and other stations to a very high number (something like 16,000 vs the games' 2500) that allowed for very dense traffic patterns. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance, I look forward to getting back involved! Cheers! Archi-pup (I am a real-life architect now too...go figure with my obsession with this game).