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  1. Tell me what you think:

    I want to make a CJ to showcase my city as finished as possible, but at the same time, I want to be able to get community feedback for the designing and building process, so I was thinking on doing two successive CJs: the first one as a backstage, development-thread styled, to decide on the definitive works aimed at the next, story-based CJ when the city gets finished.

    Would you like to read and participate on such kind of city journal, or you would prefer to see the development stages on other formatte?

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    2. matias93


      You are right, and that's why I gave a long thought on this; at the end, it is my project, not strictly a communitarian one.

      But the very style of a dev thread is versatile enough, as a space to look for new ideas, to think outside of the box of a heavily planned concept, and to keep nevertheless some degree of control on the main ideas: what ends get done on the city is up to me, but the dev thread eases the mental load of planning being creative and realistic, all at the same time.

      In al honestity, this idea came to me after reading an article on procrastination, which said that one postpones projects when trying to get all the perfect conditions to do them, which is precisely what I've felt about the CJ; so I decided to take a less perfectionist path, to avoid keeping the CJ as a perfect and perfectly imaginary idea, that nobody would be able to see.

    3. CorinaMarie


      I apologize for being late to this party. (I got side tracked on a massive SC3000 project.)

      Anyhow, if you are going to do the two step approach, maybe do the first interactive one in the SC4 City Journals forum. I like that consecutive thread posting style much better than the actual dedicated CJ section. (Yeah, I'm weird that way.)

      Perhaps post like 10 pictures per message and ask peeps to select the their fav top 5 that best represents whatever the topic of that particular post is about. You might also get replies like: In that 3rd pic there's a such-n-such I'd like to see more of...

      Maybe? (Just a couple of suggestions.)


    4. matias93


      It's a good idea indeed (I could have considered it if I were more proficient on forum-searching, but mine is a very superficial sweep over the newer threads), but I think I won't take it, for two reasons: the CJ interface allows to use the full width of the screen, which is very good to show detailed maps, which will be the main part of my uploads there; and last but not less important, I already did the CJ, so why to abandon it?