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  1. Gate Tower Building, Osaka, Japan

    Looks really cool. C'mon, you know you want to do it ---> CS: Megatower!!!
  2. Note - just realised someone has raised this issue. Anyways, big thanks to all and a rotatable version on this mod would make it PERFECTION!
  3. Hi guys. I don't normally comment but I am always always really thankful for all of these mods, especially the true 'game changer' mods which would include UDON (fantastic, utter pleasure!) as well as a massive decent handful of others. In my opinion, EA do not deserve half the money they got from the sales of this game, the modders do. Respect guys. You have showed EA up big time!   One thing with this mod is that V3, the bottom section (lets call the interchange a T), the bottom of the T wouldn't connect up with anything, so I grabbed V2 and that 1 worked fine. Not sure if it's just my version though (Parrot on shoulder, I'm not tight, I'd rather give the money to the modders).   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all and a massive thanks to all the modders .