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  1. Hello SimCity players, I do not actually own the simulation myself but I have an idea for a project and I am wondering if it would be do-able within the SimCity environment. I'd like to create a 3D simulation of the market square of the city of Bruges, Belgium... right down to each building (an ambitious project, I know). Just from googling around, I see that it is possible to create one's own custom buildings within SimCity 3000 Unlimited, so I'm thinking that it could be the best/easiest platform for me to accomplish this - since I'm not really experienced at all in 3D computer-aided design softwares or techniques. Could it be a simple as taking photos of each individual building in the square (from different angles), and importing these into SimCity 3000 Unlimited software to have it rendered in 3D? Thanks to all who reply and help to point me in the right direction! Regards Shawn
  2. Update: I did find the SketchUp forum and have learned more about it and I think it might be the way to go for me for this project... anyway, we will find out! Thanks everybody for the input and guidance! Cheers Shawn
  3. "Delphi is Pascal-based, and I've always thought that users got their Nicklas Wirth." Good one :-) Thank you for the feedback guys, you know, I've been doing some googling around and I came across stuff regarding Google Sketchup. From there I happened upon this site: http://sketchupdate.blogspot.ca/2010_05_01_archive.html About 1/2 way down that page is an article called "Announcing the Google Model Your Town Competition winner". Here it shows a 3D rendering of the town of Barranco, Peru by a fellow named Jorge De Albertis Bettocchi... with links to his blog. As soon as I saw this, I thought "My God, this is EXACTLY what I'm looking for!!!" and got all excited thinking I'd found the solution. I wouldn't even need SimCity in any way - it looked like I could do it all in SketchUp - including a virtual "Fly-through", models of people, some trees, everything. I did some more research about Sketchup and then because rather confused about some things: - how did Mr. Bettochi actually render all these buildings? Did he walk around the town and take a million photos of each and every one... or are all these buildings already within Google Earth, and he just scooped them from there? (I have never used Google Earth and really know nothing about it... could all my desired Belgian buildings be residing, already-made, in Google Earth??). - Is Sketchup currently a free program? It seems to cost about $600. And many of the links and videos I attempted to access were not available or dead links. Is the software still active? - About 1/5th of the way down that same site I mention above, is an article called "Use your own photos in Building Maker". Upon reading about this "Building maker" plugin, this really seemed to confirm that Sketchup should do the job for me regarding applying flat photos to facades of buildings - rather easily. Only to find out that this plugin seems to be discontinued :-( So although it seemed initially that Sketchup might be the way to go, I'm now pretty confused about it. I don't even know if there's a SketchUp forum where I could pose my question. Thanks! Shawn
  4. Thanks Nonny Moose, well although I'm completely new to the world of C.A.D., I am a Delphi programmer so I do have a little bit of computer acumen. It's good to hear that I can do this on Blender, but that raises another concern - namely, how many photos of each building will I need (approximately) to do a fairly good rendering. The reason being, I am not in Belgium to take as many photos as I need (I'm in Canada). If hundreds of photos are needed for each individual building, then it's not practical for me. My hope is to find the photos I need on the web (flickr, etc) and just crop them down to only the individual building. I don't know if this would suffice or not.... Thanks! Shawn
  5. Sorry guys, was away for a few days. Thank you for the responses. NonnyMoose - looking at the big picture, do you think it would be more complicated to tackle this via SimCity (and all the associated packages necessary)... or would Blender be more straightforward? Also please, for either approach, would you have any idea what sort of (and how many) photos I would require of each individual building in order to do the rendering? Thanks! Shawn
  6. Thanks for the responses guys. Please let me give you just a little more insight into what I'm trying to do: I'm not really interested in having my rendering be *exact*, so in that way I would actually be quite okay with "2.5D" as Nonny Moose said! It doesn't need to be perfect from all angles - I just want the user/viewer to be able to "walk through" my city square at street level and see the facades of the buildings all around him. What they look like from the rear, I don't care! Additionally, because there is literally zero space between individual buildings in the real-life square in Bruges, I really don't care about rendering the "depth" of them.... I just care about the front "facade" of the building that is visible when the viewer is placed in the middle of the square and "walking" through it. The other little twist to this, is that I'd like to "re-arrange" some of these individual buildings. For instance, I'd like to take a few buildings from the central square of Brussels or Ghent and fit those in too. Think of it as basically building a "composite" square of buildings from different Belgian cities. So I would need to "construct" each of my individual buildings in the BAT plug-in then? Considering what I said above - that I don't really care about rendering the true "depth" of the building - then it ought to be a bit easier/faster, shouldn't it? Would I be able to render each building from just a couple photos each, or would I need many many photos of each building? Again guys, I have *zero* 3D skills... I've never done this before. That is why I was looking for the easiest, most straightforward way to do it. I first looked at a couple of full-blown CAD programs, but that looked like it would be "overkill" for what I want to do (plus way too complex). Once I read about the BAT tool for SimCity, my thought/hope was I could obtain a few photos of each individual building I want (from a few different angles).. crop out everything from the photo except the desired building, and using BAT, render a 3D object from these photos, and then arrange these 3D objects in a SimCity layout to form a city square... Thanks! Shawn