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  1. Hi2all, please excusme for my poor english. I am trying to find how to make optimal road markup in order to use the city's area most effectively (I want to leave no unused space and all buildings to be hight density). To make proper calculations, i have to know sizes of all buildings. I found a couple of guides about that(http://www.simcityplanningguide.com/2014/02/SimCityBuildingDimensions.html and http://www.parsimonious.org/simcity5/zoning-density.html) Those guides using different measures and so they has different numbers, but they both say, that Residental and Commercial high density buildings of all price categories has square form and same sizes Residental medium density middle- and high- price buildings also has square form and same size with high density R and C But when I open tha game i see: Slightly non-square high density commercial building Slightly non-square residental building Elongated high density commercial building Strongly elongated commercial building Wtf? Are things changed from the times when those guides were written, or I misunderstood something?