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  1. I've been to: The UK (England, Scotland and Wales but not Northern Ireland) France (Paris, Calais and some other places) Germany (Berlin) Belgium (Brussels) Portugal (Lisbon and some other places) Netherlands (Holland and some other places) Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) Greece (Zakynthos Island) USA (New York and Washington) Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence and some other places) Where I'd like to go: Canada- I really like the idea of visiting Canada, especially French-speaking Quebec as I have heard that it has a rich culture Japan- I would like to see the technologically developed country and it's culture China- To see places like the Great Wall Of China Spain- It would make a great summer holiday Australia- Places like Sydney to see the opera house (I love opera and the performing arts!) Thailand- It has a very widespread culture and great nightlife More places in the USA- I'm not a citizen so I'd like to explore it further next time I'm over there. I can't remember them all, but this I what I got.
  2. Demons- Imagine Dragons followed by Maps- Maroon 5
  3. Please rate the work. Pixel art

    Looks good to me I think you should carry on with this
  4. Scones with Jam and clotted cream. Tea as the drink on the side
  5. Well, I'm just going to write a list that combines the most commonly mentioned places that I've heard about people visiting and the most popular attractions: 1. New York (Often mentioned as first place. Famous buildings include: Empire State Building) 2. Paris (Well known through media. Famous structures include: Eiffel Tower) 3. London (Very popular with the tourists. Famous structures include: Big Ben, Stonehenge) 4. Rome (The colosseum is very well renowned) 5. Tokyo (Very good economy and technology) 6. Beijing (Popular business location and excellent economy from product sales) 7. Sydney (The Opera house is very well known) 8. Moscow (It's traditional style buildings and architecture are very unique) 9. Dubai (Has the tallest building in the world: Burj Khalifa) 10. Berlin (The economic centre of Germany)