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  1. Plz See it in my youtube 1st i utilized this website for my playing so much, so i thought i need to sacrifice something by return. attached herewith is my save game. It is a perfect model of a huge city standing alone of population of 600k residents specialized in administration only, i.e 6 departments in the Town Hall were unlocked, no traffic jams, perfect mass transit system and well-planned, good living conditions. For the huge population as the 1st concern, there is no high wealth residence in my city. And, I'm just insisting in the basic content only as it looks a real city , though i have Cities of tomorrow now. i think it is a perfect model for anyone, especially the newbies, who are studying how to do planning a city well. Btw, lets exchange your models if yes, especially cities standing alone with huge population. I mean the standing alone ones without support from other cities, because its kind of a difficult way to play. But now i've found it so simple Don't follow any complicated ways, JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID, u will see SimCity 5 is a good game. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8kkMe7wDoE9YU5SdDB4YXhKN2c/view?usp=sharing all copyrights reserved to me ( oldmouse/simtropolis forum Aug02, 2017) How to install: Copy it to C:/User/Documents/SimCity