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  1. So here's an interesting video. The city of Los Angeles hired a guy who worked in videogames as a 'Chief Technology Officer'... he worked for EA and says that "working for the city of LA is kinda like the ultimate version of SimCity", in the video there's even RL data overlays for traffic! :ooh:

    1. matias93


      Sounds a bit terrorific, at least Moses-ianic on the potential implications. In any case, it depends on how much power this guy manages to harness: be could be as much as a modem Hausmann as he can be like our figurehead 'Water Czar' (yes, that was a designated public office in Chile some years ago)

    2. Edvarz


      A Robert Moses with the power of digital technology... that's indeed an unsettling idea. Let's hope this guy is more of a Lewis Mumford type (let's hope...). In any case, i don't think that position holds that much political power. And budgetary constrains surely will limit the scope of any large scale projects for the city, more so now, with the federal government threatening to cut funding.