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  1. OMG Downloading this mod now so I can try it out!
  2. (Offline Only) Park Enhancement Pack

    Sounds like CapTon needs to nerf the workers for this mod.
  3. There are two mods that do exactly what you are asking. The Drones Galore Mod will add the drone hangars to the police station, fire house and clinic. The will do exactly what it says. I'll also send this to you in a private message.
  4. Car Crossover

    Excellent mod, but it needs an update so that the roads will futurize in Cities of Tomorrow.
  5. Upgrade and Downgrade Mod

    Excellent idea! However, could you create a standalone mod that instead of changing the traditional upgrades, all it does is upgrade a high-density street to a medium density avenue and visa versa? I would personally find that mod to be the most useful in relation to my playing style of SimCity.   Also, is this mod compatible with the Car Crossover mod?
  6. Have you tried using the Car Crossover mod by Felgard? Any of the roads or avenues that you permit left turns on will not futurize, and it is compatible with all road retexture mods. Mod:
  7. I would appreciate a mod that creates plopable cemeteries using the house of worship. The idea would be to create a cemetery that replaces a house of worship of one's choosing. The reason why I want this mod is for asthetic purposes. Also, it would be great if mass transit could pay for itself, as another person previously suggested. Setup a mechanic that pays the treasury $1 per commuter. It would also be great if the treasury could be paid $50 per criminal that is arrested, to act as fines, and $25 per person admitted to a hospital or clinic. I'm not certain if these ideas to create additional revenue sources are even possible, but it would certainly add more realism to the game.
  8. Law Drone Hangar For French Police Station

    Fantastic mod, it goes great with Skye's Drones Galor mod! Thank you!
  9. Basketball Court for Grade School

    You've made many fantasic mods in the past, but I don't quite understand the need for this mod since we can plop a basketball court near the school and pretty much anywhere we want using the one in the parks menu. This mod is rather redundant, in my humble opinion.
  10. UPDATED: SimCity Power Overhaul - Power Upgrade

    I downloaded this mod and followed the instructions to the letter and it still doesn't work. I have tried reloading the game from the main menu as well as restarting the game all together. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Thank you!
  11. Megatower Base in Menu

    I tried out this mod yesterday and it's severely broken. Please fix it, nothing works.
  12. I am curious, was the city built in online or offline mode? If it is in online mode, it is possible for us to look up your account and view your city. We would need your origin ID and the name of the city in question. This is possible because the regions are saved to a cloud, unlike offline mode which saves locally. By the sound of it, you might not be taxing your sims accordingly. You said that your taxes are low but they're complaining about high taxes. To avoid complaints regarding taxes, do the following: tax low wealth 12%, medium wealth 11% and high wealth 10% across the board. Setting the tax rates at these levels will neither make them happy nor sad. If you tax them more than that it will have a negative affect on happiness, they'll begin complaining, and eventually move out of town. If you want your hourly to get out of the red, consider austerity. Tighten the belt and figure out which services your city can cut back on, and which ones are actually needed. To help with the sale of processors you can try one of three things. (A) Ensure that the trade depot that exports processors is close enough to the factory and that there is minimal traffic for the delivery trucks to negotiate. (B) Build another processor factory with all modules and ensure that it is near the trade depot that exports processors. © Dedicate an additional trade depot or more to import then export processors until you reach your daily sales quota. This option is great if you have money to spare. It sounds like your region has more than one great works site. You can only supply your local great works site with resources via roads. I believe to supply another great works site you will need a connection via rail or port, depending upon the layout of the region. Mega towers do not have to be researched. You can build them so long as you have the funds and the space to build them. I hope you've found this post to be helpful. Good luck!
  13. driving vehicles

    Sorry, mate! You can't do that in SimCity 2013.
  14. You're welcome! I am glad to have been of service to you. Just a note on the parks, you'll want to plop down plazas and formal parks. These attract high wealth sims. Just beware of their hourly maintenance costs.