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  1. UPDATED: SimCity Power Overhaul - Power Upgrade

    The Wind Plant's base cost does not include the Small Turbine that is included when plopping the building. It adds the building base cost to the cost of the included module and that is the price you pay for the plant. Same goes for all the plants that include a module. As for the CoT costs, those should be correct and should line up with the chart. If you could let me know what you are seeing for CoT costs, I may be able to take a look into it.   Your vanilla SimCity power plants are all working correctly, your CoT plants are not. The mod is working, just not entirely. Hope this information helps.   Parker   Well, that certainly explains the build/maint costs.  I'm apparently extremely tired to not have figured that out on my own.  Normally that stuff is obvious to me.  /derp  lol   The COT costs are the default costs.  So for the Wind Amp, 40k - 500 - 1250cnet.   I don't have any power numbers since I was trying to settle the costs before really digging in.  Loving it so far, though.
  2. UPDATED: SimCity Power Overhaul - Power Upgrade

    I don't know what's going with the mod.   I did a fresh install of SimCity, added Revision and then added Power Overhaul.   The Wind Plant build cost is 6500 (same without Power Overhaul in any folders) with a maint cost of 150.  Obviously this isn't in line with the chart.  I can build the 48 modules, so good there.   But here's where it gets wierd.  The module costs and maint for the Small, Large and Vertical line up with the chart.  But the Power Amp does not.   It's the same for every plant.  Build and maint cost of the plant itself is off, module costs line up, CoT costs and maint do not.   I wanna use the mod, but it's clearly not working for me.  =/