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  1. University researches

    I did...it was multiple regions. However I found a fix. A rather drastic fix, but a fix all the same. I had to manually uninstall the program. I couldn't use the software uninstal, I had to manuall uninstall the program. Here's an article here about how to do it: http://help.ea.com/en/article/how-do-i-manually-uninstall-simcity/. So if anyone needs help on the issue, you know where to direct them.
  2. University researches

    I have everything I need. For instance, when I plop a Large Fire Engine, it's usually after I have at the very least 15,000 residents (usually more) Now from my other city, or what I call my cash cow, I have plopped a regional airport, usually with two air strips. I have also used the large fire station with helicopters on top, but when I try in, lets say my Casino City, there's no way they will let me do that on the large fire station. It says that there must be an air strip in the "region" to be allowed. The other one is: I've built a city, high wealth, pleanty of art and culture. I place my university there where it flourishes. I decide to buy the School of Medicine (BTW it goes with every school and research) and low and behold I research the operating room. Now I have a hospital in this city, and since it's all artsy, i figure they're all in their mid to late 40's who need help with their recovery time. I use the operating room on the hospital JUST FINE in that city, however trying to use the operating room in another city, it says the following: There must be a University present in the region. That is checked. There must be a University in the region with a School of Medicine. That to is checked. The University must research the operating room -- that one is unchecked. This is even though I have researched the item. This seems to be happening to all my ammenities. Trade center, fully maxed wouldn't allow me to certain holding tanks on a trade port. Metals HQ, Maxed out on one city, wouldn't let me use enhanced coal shaf in another city. What do you think, should I just do a reinstall?
  3. University researches

    Also, airport privileges aren't working either. I put one down in my Utility city and i could not use the benefit on my Fire Truck or Police Station.
  4. University researches

    Same thing. Other cities cannot benefit from the rewards.
  5. University researches

    It's really just these certain things...
  6. Would anyone know why when I research something from a University, for instance the Surgery Center, it will not show on other cities. It's locked out. Also, I have a Trade corporation and an Electronic Corporation that is maxed out and all buildings standing yest I cannot use thier resources from another city. Has anyone come accross this?
  7. Origin Friends

    If anyone is interested mine is NetKIKKER...I'm kind of new to the friend thing on there...in fact I don't have any, so...add me or something