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  1. Running the DVD version of SC4 an Intel Mac

    Is there any reason as to why Maxis hasn't addressed this issue? Because it is being released now on the app store is it possible that they could update the game to incorporate mods such as NAM?
  2. Running the DVD version of SC4 an Intel Mac

    I recently purchased Sim City 4 off of the App Store. Being much older than I was when it originally came out many years ago, I'm much more interested in the game. Congestion and traffic has become an issue in my cities and as you mentioned there is the mod NAM. Because EA recently rereleased this title there isn't too much information on Mac OSX because all the websites I visit indicate that they are 3 or 4 years old. Are you saying that NAM is now compatible with Mac? And if so where can I find a link to the download.. Thanks a lot!