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  1. Insane Ferry

    too chiternyh
  2. Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods

    Any trucks that have "leftover" goods after delivery have been dutifully carrying their loads back to the warehouse and redepositing the goods. I have not seen any of them "lose" any cargo.  If you are having this happen I suggest deleting the trucks package, to revert the capacity (this will happen when a new truck spawns - existing ones on the road already will still have the higher amount)   Yes, I did just that - deleted trucks mod. And he was impressed.  Yes, 10 tons - it's long, but now I have not lost weight. Anyway, I am now a miner full)  And it was not very good, when 20,000 tons of ore, I turned 4,000 tons of alloy.  And so, thank you for your work!  When give the download version 1.4?
  3. Does not work!  First writes that can accommodate 30, but after all the other three are "not approved."
  4. Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods

    In general, it is necessary to teach trucks understand how much they load remains. To after delivery if it is the goods, it would be his unloaded at the warehouse, and not stupidly went to the garage and would have lost the load on the road.  This situation constantly - truck scored 100 tons of ore, taking her to the smelter, but only half unloads 50 tons, and the rest, that he could not unload not be returned to stock, and travels with him to the garage, which then disappears in nowhere.
  5. Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods

    Else noticed trouble.  For example, in one city, I mine, another coal.  When I send a gift of 10,000 coal from one city to another, the trucks are transported to the city exported 100 tons, and in the city I get imported trucks with 10 tons.  Maybe somehow fix this?
  6. Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods

    stevelowe, I noticed a big bug that does not rule with your very first version.  Please pay attention to the oil rigs. The stated speed 12.000br production rate does not match.  Just trucks that transport oil - hahaha)))  Suppose oil now 5.500br, the truck capacity 10.000br. When he went to the tower for crude oil, it takes all 5.500br, and carries ONLY 1.000br.  This inconsistency with these trucks. I spent the night in modding to fix it. But alas, I have not enough knowledge to do it.