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  1. from California... Been to 30 States (approx)... missing most of the South and eastern part of the Midwest. Been to US and British Virgin Islands Japan (Mostly just Tokyo) Canada (all provinces but Alberta to Manitoba and none of the territories) Mexico (Tijuana only) Iceland Want to go to: Back to Iceland New Zealand Back to Japan (Kyoto area is appealing) Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Hungary, Macedonia Morocco Argentina and Chile Ireland Scotland Norway Turkey ... hmmm... it's a long bucket list.
  2. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Just bought SC4 (after browsing the net and the negative feedback on SC2013). My last experience with SimCity and similar software was SC2000, Sim Theme Park, and Roller Coaster Tycoon (3 I think). I'm a civil engineer by trade, but I mostly work in earthquake engineering. Games are as much as I want to deal with city planning. Anyway, I just downloaded SC4 from Amazon and plan on installing some of the essential Mods and so forth listed in your forums pinned pages. I really look forward to the regional aspect and custom maps. THis looks like a great site, and I hope to have fun with it and the game.