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  1. [UPDATE]Wealth Exclusive Casinos

      Landmarks are not segregated, so other wealth tourists will start coming to your city thus defeating the purpose of this mod ...
  2. Hi, Another idea for a mod, when we make education cities, these cities cannot turn up profits so building university towns is not a very appealing option. However in the university we can plop dorms which attracts foreign students. So like in real life these studenrs should benefit the city's economy. In short, the dorms should be able to generate income by chraging the foreign students for rent. Furthermore, these students should be able to shop like normal sims do. If someone could make such a mod I would be so happy and it would open up a whole new world of possibilities. I do not really know my way around advanced modding. I have released a mod previously, the wealth exclusive casinos. I am a programmer so I am willing to collaborate with anyone willing to guide me to make this mod possible. Cheers
  3. [UPDATE]Wealth Exclusive Casinos

      I haven't really tested this mod out online ... it is meant to be an offline mod only, but I guess you could try it out online and share your results here ...   Moreover as I said this is meant to be an offline mod, this mod adjusts profits as well so it really shouldn't be used online.
  4. No Agent Clumping

    If you could do the same for Megatowers, it would be really really useful and awesome !!!   Megatowers do help with the limited city sizes to some extent but cause horrendous traffic issues, mainly because of this clumping effect at its entrance
  5. [UPDATE]Wealth Exclusive Casinos

    [quote name="MaarB" timestamp="1398692698"]On my Mac i had to place all your files into SimCityData folder to make your mod work.[/quote] Thanks for sharing the info ... Heads Up Mac users !!!
  6. [UPDATE]Wealth Exclusive Casinos

    very often a restart is required for the game, it doesn't always read the package files properly
  7. [UPDATE]Wealth Exclusive Casinos

    i would recommend starting a new city, in theory you should be able to kick out other tourists eventually but the game hardly ever responds as its supposed to in such situations ... however feel free to test out your current city and share the results, also to get the modded casinos you will have to demolish your current casinos and place them again
  8. [UPDATE]Wealth Exclusive Casinos

    Version v2.0


    I have tweaked parkerwyoung's Casino Overhaul Mod to now have wealth-exclusive casinos. You can now build a city which gets only high wealth or medium wealth tourists. I tested this mod with the Elegant Casino (High Wealth Only) and have attached screens as proof. Note that if you place a landmark, this mod will not work and you will get other wealth tourists. To use this mod as is intended, DO NOT PLACE ANY LANDMARKS. This is intended to be an OFFLINE-ONLY mod. Installation: NOTE: If you have parkerwyoung's CasinoOverhaul package file in ...SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages, remove the file from the Packages folder. 1. Place "Mod-Nexus91110-WealthExclusiveCasinos.package" in ...SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages 2. Place the provided "SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package" in ...SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages 3. Place "Mod-Parker-CasinoPlopExtension-v1.0" in ...\SimCity\SimCityData I have written in the "ReadMe.txt" file what changes I have made to parkerwyoung's Casino Overhaul mod. I have also made some changes to the number of signs you can place for some casinos. This mod has all the features of parkerwyoung's Casino Overhaul Mod. Now you can bring in only medium wealth or high wealth or low wealth tourists. Have fun creating the ultimate rich people resort !!! Special thanks to: Oppie, creator of SimCityPak: http://simcitypak.codeplex.com/ parkerwyoung, creator of CasinoOverhaulMod and for helping me out with the technical aspects of this mod
  9. SimCity Casino Overhaul - Casino Upgrade

    The closest thing to a config file you will be able to get is using SimCityPak to open the mod and change values inside. If you don't like the changes to the Elegant Casino in particular, you can install the individual files and remove Elegant Casino. Hope this helps!   Parker   DONE !!! Thanks for the mod again ...
  10. Insane Megatower Mod

    Hi, I tried building in offline sandbox mode, the tower just keeps building, I left it for around 10 minutes, I put both files in, then tried putting in one by one, but no luck. 
  11. SimCity Casino Overhaul - Casino Upgrade

    Awesome Mod !!! Love every aspect of this mod ... except one, previously when I used only elegant casinos in my city, it would attract huge numbers of high wealth tourists and keep the medium wealth to a minimum ... now that the elegant casino can accommodate 500 medium wealth tourists each, medium wealth tourists flood my city ... so yeah that's what's buggin me, except that this is a very welcome change ... if you could maybe make a config file or something similar for us to alter the values or just release another update addressing this issue it would be much appreciated ... Keep the mods coming :)
  12. Insane Megatower Mod

    Not working for me too ... The first level keeps building forever