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  1. (Offline Only) Education Enhancement Pack

    Apparently the mod doesn't work for the university if the dormitory plop value is modified over a number bigger than 5. I read this on another thread where some guy experimented with altering the the dorm plop able value. Dorms were disappearing when he changed the value to 3 to 6, however once he altered it to 5 they stayed in place.. So maybe a little update on this one, it would really help out great. The other stuff is still working great.
  2. (Offline Only) Education Enhancement Pack

      me too.   This could be because you have another mod that alters the same thing.   I currently only use this mod plus the extended worker data mod and the civilian vehicles mix package.. I am playing the vanilla version of Simcity and not the Cities of Tomorrow expansion so maybe that could be the problem? Great work on the mod however! Really helped me out with my elementary and high school capacity problem. I there is a way for me to fix this issue because the extra dormitories could really come handy. Anyway, thumbs up for your mod!
  3. (Offline Only) Education Enhancement Pack

    Mod works fine with the elementary schools, however, it doesn't seem to work for the university dormitories.. Once I plop the 4th dormitory, it disappears. I deleted the university and tried again, but still the same problem. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?