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  1. @ProcsKalone Hi ProcsKalone ! Forgive my poor English because I am a Chinese. I found a question that I can't bulldoze the services roads while playing the game whit BOC Mods last version. (SC2013 update 10 ) I don't know if there is some other MODs conflicts with BOC Mods or there is some other questions。 Could someone tell me if you can solve this question please tell me .thanks a lot. btw , THE BOC Mod MAKES ME PLAY THIS SUCK GAME AGAIN . thank ProcsKalone for your working. 你好~ 原谅我蹩脚的英文吧。我可是地道的中国人捏 我发现我无法铲平服务车辆专用道,是不是这个功能和其他的MOD冲突?或者插件无法兼容新版本? 如果谁知道怎么解决这个问题,麻烦告诉我一下~谢谢啦。 顺道一说。BOC插件让我再度沉迷玩SC2013。谢谢ProcsKalone的辛苦劳动。