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  1.   Delete the OLD RCIPlop mod and go here : http://community.sim...ui-enhancement/   Thanks, it's work :)
  2. Good job, I can make traffic becomes smooth. But, i can instal project orion and RCI plop, whether this mod support for project orion and RCI plop for offline? Thx
  3. 1. I download it from the internet, but I've followed the step-by-step. After that, the game also can run normally, rendernya I can change this but since a few days my change back, can not even be stored settings. 2. I use a notebook, my notebook specs: Core i3 380 2.5GHz, 14.0 "HD 1366 x 768 resolution, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD, VGA Intel HD Graphics
  4. I have tried deleting the file 4.cfg SimCity, the results are still not well stored settings. Please help
  5. Hello I want to ask, why Sim City 4 Deluxe I can not change the render settings? Previously, I set my rendering Sim City 4 to Hardware, and then I change to the software, I re-open my Sim City 4, the result is a success. But when I change back to the hardware, and I've re-open, the results can not too, remained Software. I also difficult to change a few settings such as City Details, etc.. When I had to change it, I re-open, the settings are not changed. I also had my laptop restarted, I've also change the settings to default, but it still can not. Please the solution and sorry for bad my english