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  1. SimCity Mods Not Working

    Most mods go in SimcityData, but some go in Packages if specified
  2. Museum [Offline Only]

  3. Roads menu.

    you're right the BOC icons aren't there. I didn't play when i installed the mod, but sure noticed it today
  4. Nice!! will give it a try. Hate them glitchy roads
  5. [Mods]Garbage

    It is possible to increase dump from 70 tons. I have mine at 700 tons, there is just another property needing to be changed besides just the 70000, But still haven't been able to increase burn rate, no matter what i set it at, still only burns 1.5 t/hr then resets
  6. Project Orion Mod Problem

    Did you add the other mod that lets you plop RCI
  7. BOC with the new ploppables would be awesome! I still use BOC for the 2 sides Orion cannot build on.
  8. Central Train Station [Offline Only]

    When it futurizes it changes to old blue 1
  9. Central Train Station [Offline Only]

    While i was playing it switched back to orignal blue building but stayed just as long as new 1
  10. BoC is still unmatched in that it allows: - Plopping anywhere (no need for snap points) - Chain-plopping & Over-plopping of the "outside modules" - Bulldozing of regional networks (at least with the renamed N version script present in the Packages folder) It also includes the best version of Felgard's 'Street for Buses' mod, based on the narrow service road instead of the wide amusement park road. I can never get the bulldozing of regional network to work
  11. i already have turtle, Llama, and cheetah speed, always had it since i started playing. Now if there was a faster speed i dont know about that would be cool
  12. There is no real need for the pack anymore so I have taken it down. I actually still love the BOC. I use it to plop other stuff like power, garbage, etc in the 2 areas you can't use the 3k border plop thingy
  13. Project Orion - 3k Extended Boundary

    when i put this mod in, my water station does not pump water?, everything other works great