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    @korver Thank You. I like fall colors too...
    @CT14  Thank You. There are different piles of rusty metal Props created by me.
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    Very nice! What did you use for the ground clutter around the top left corner of the image?
    Also, there is the:
    edit: also this, your pictures deserve it!
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    @MeMyself&I  Sorry , I added no more parking . That is SAM , Peg Parking Street as I had intended to use it in game . It does blend seamless , only on flat ground though . I kept the lot the same size (5x5) as the original to keep crime at bay . Thanks anyway for checking out the image and dropping a comment . 
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    Suburban malaise. Excellent!
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    No, that doesn't work with puzzle pieces.
    What I did is I first leveled the terrain around the bridge, then I used setsealevel to lower the water level a bit, used hole diggers to lower the terrain I wanted to build on by 15 meters, then built the bridge like a rail viaduct, then I opened the city tile in SC4 Terraformer and terraformed the land around the bridge back to approximately what it used to be. You can build all kinds of crazy stuff with that technique.
    Fractional angled bridges, tunnels through buildings, curved bridges, floating interchanges, the list goes on.