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  1. Hi all, Sorry if this is a newbie question, but I'm really at a loss here. I just started playing SC4 with all of the mods. As is implied by the topic title, I'm using the RHW functionality of the NAM. My region is still very young with just two cities. Both of which have decently substantial population so there should be a decent amount of traffic on my RHW, but unfortunately I have NONE. I have done everything I know to try to rectify the problem, but it still persists. I created an avenue that connects the two cities, and upon completion it got a lot of traffic (meaning that sims want to travel back and fourth), but when I delete the avenue and force them to use my RHW, I get no traffic at all. I downloaded the extracheats.dll file and used the draw paths cheat to verify that my ramps and connections do in fact work. So I'll post screenshots on imgur (the files are larger than 1mb). Also there is a lightrail w/ transition pieces close to the RHW, would this be the source of the problem? Again, I apologize if this is a stupid question but I just want my region to work Thanks http://imgur.com/n2BiZME http://imgur.com/w85MMmI