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  1. Orion's Belt Modpack | Bigger Cities Made Easy!

    Who is this markusloo? This is my city and picture.
  2. Regional Udon Bridge Elevated

    Xoxide, I'm wondering, "WHY, SUGC WHY?"  The main reason you didn't endorse Udon addon or bridge/tunnel mod (both mods that did regional bridges and tunnels months before sugc did it) was to come up with a method to create regional bridges using "M" and "N" keys... This 20m/40m setup is a blatant ripoff and to make things worse, you guys claim that the original mods are not compatible with akar or udon. The three mods that are blacklisted by your team have ALL worked together with akar and udon fine. (yes, even BOC) Instead of remaking existing mods (a trend I've been seeing a lot here recently), why not work with the original authors? Everybody's acting like these regional bridges and tunnels are new and innovative and the credit is all going to the wrong people.
  3. AirShip UpGraded1.0

    this mod doesn't seem to work for me. Tried with the user data file in and out.
  4. Bridge & Tunnel Mod

    Can you update the bulldozer mod so it can bulldoze the roads from train stations?
  5. Bridge & Tunnel Mod

    This is a great mod. Really helpful in connecting elevated pieces. Love the extras too like the 3k bulldozer or making sunken roads. So many new possibilities. Thank you!
  6. Maxis did make these. You just need to purchase the CoT expansion ;)
  7. Can you please note in the description that you will not be able to plop a university sign and limits the number of dorms to 2?
  8. I like that you release your mods ASAP, but I also wouldn't mind if you spent a little extra time on them before publicly releasing them. A lot of them have great potential but are difficult to work with or broken upon first release... 
  9. Planets Mod

    What's the deal with the last screenshot with the train tracks?
  10. I'm also having graphical issues with this. Seems to have a different result depending if I have your other train station mod, or procs kalone train on road mod. 
  11. Swimming Pool Mod

    disappears for me too
  12. I need this w avenues! great start tho. I love to control traffic