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  1. Heavy Traffic Congestion.... Help!

    Actually, the original road intersections does not have that many dirt roads connecting between avenues. I plopped them down to ease some traffic, but no use. I thought waiting times is related to how many will be using the transit system? The city started of in the left hand corner (yellow circle). In there exists some residential and also commercial mixed together.. Generally traffic is quite fluid there.... Then the city expanded in radial direction to the right. To 2 avenues of residential and services, followed by one avenue of commercial(the middle 4 way intersection), then one avenue of industrial mixed with residential. So is it because of the basic design itself? of is it because i clustered commercials on one avenue? As I understand from your post, you said that zones on avenues are not good?(I thought to have the highest density buildings, one have to zone it on avenues?)
  2. Hi, In this city, I plopped down full streetcars and buses. Streetcar usage stands at 11k with waiting times of 25minutes. Bus usage stands at a meagre 3k with waiting times of 56minutes... Why isn't it working? Any ideas or comments?
  3. Hi, Uploaded is the picture of my town with zone and traffic overlays.... Full streetcars and busses... but streetcar usage is only at 11k, and buses at a meagre 3k... WHY? it got full coverage! Waiting times for buses is 50minutes, and streetcars 25minutes. Notice the time this screenshot is taken..... it should be free from traffic but...