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  1. FREE Roads and FREE Road Upgrades (All Roads)

  2. SimCity Casino Overhaul - Casino Upgrade

    Just messaged you, let's chat there.   Thank you for helping me. With your clarification, I was able to solve my problem. For anyone else who has this problem make sure you copy the SimCity EcoGame Scripts file (either the latest one from the EcoGame folder or the one Parker provides) into the ...\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages\ folder. There should be TWO files in that folder from this mod. Also be aware that you may need to demolish and rebuild any casinos you have in an existing city for them to work as advertised in the mod.
  3. SimCity Casino Overhaul - Casino Upgrade

    Having a problem with the mod. I double-checked, and I think I have everything in the right directories. WIll this mod work for already built casinos? I have a city with four casinos and a fully upgraded Gambling HQ and loading it with this mod does bad things. Parts of my casinos have gone invisible. Some casino modules are acting like independent buildings (though I can't delete them). Clicking on any moded structure brings up info panes with nothing but placeholder names and no data. I am able to build new casinos with multiple modules per the mod parameters, but they have the same problems with their info panes, and I don't think they are working correctly. What could I have missed? I have many other mods installed, but no others that have to do with casinos.
  4. FREE Roads and FREE Road Upgrades (All Roads)

    I LOVE this mod. I'm a picky and precise road builder, and I would literally spend thousands just trying to get my roads "right". So this is really appreciated. However, the road mod of my dreams would be: Reduced cost for Large Avenue - 17 and Tram Avenue - 20. Reduced upgrade costs for those two as well. Free roads for Dirt, Low Density, Med Ave. and Train Tracks (for easier planning), normal costs/upgrade costs for all other roads/tracks/etc.