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  1. Project Orion - 3k Extended Boundary

    Yes, that's the other Mod RCI Plops which has also been released.
  2. I said screw it. Here's a video at least. I think the community should make those involved heard. I'm not taking side, not gettiing involved other than to say - this is what it was" http://www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/28bst6/going_rogue_heres_a_short_video_of_the_3k/
  3. I am a member of DevTest, and I've seen all the conversations surrounding this mod and I must say that I do not have my expectations high, but I am glad to see that this was at least possible. What was released was a modified version - not quite what we had - this version utilizes BOC.
  4. Without going into great detail, people need to realize that the version of the mod is going to be the best possible version. I have tested many versions of it. Extensively. It is not a game changer, it is buggy, fickle and all of the issues with Glassbox such as power agents, fire...everything are just amplified. There's not going to be room for huge improvements down the road. You still won't be able to zone in the new city boundries...you'll need to go through a mess of what's been called rciplops - which is basically a menu with tons of different RCI elements of different densities. Textures are going to look bad, largely because there is no real "land" in the extended area. I'm certain everyone is just super excited, and while the people who worked on it should be commended, it's not going to be quite what people are expecting. I think people should lower expectations.
  5. Offline-Only Mod: “UniDirectional Networks (UDoN)”

    Suggestion :add an option to able switch the one way direction in the road upgrade section,this feature will make more easy to switch the way direction without bulldoze the whole road and building,it is super usefull ! ( if possible to coding  )Thank :-)   This simply isn't going to be possible as we talked about it at length. This is why the instructions say you'd need to manually redraw it. Sorry but there it is.
  6. Offline-Only Mod: “UniDirectional Networks (UDoN)”

    OS X Users: Right click on "SimCity" in the applications folder and select "Show Contents", then open Contents -> Resources -> SimCityData and copy the .package file there.
  7. Emergency Vehicle Bypass

    One ways were modded in because the scripting and support for it was added by Maxis in 10.1. Unfortunately or fortunately as you choose to see it, modding certain things that affect the simulation still requires support from the Developers. A long time ago emergency vehicle pathing was discussed by Guill I believe on Reddit and the understanding at the time was that it was something that was coming in the future. That was maybe 9 months ago and haven't heard anything more about it.
  8. Offline-Only Mod: “UniDirectional Networks (UDoN)”

      Freeway's will place the signs at intervals. It's not anything you have direct control over.
  9. Offline-Only Mod: “UniDirectional Networks (UDoN)”

    A lot of work from so many people went into this. Hopefully the community will see some value in it
  10. Offline-Only Mod: “Pedestrian Paths”

      In this case I'm running ;)
  11. Offline-Only Mod: “Pedestrian Paths”

    Oh ho ho!    /runs away
  12. CamModB1

    Oooooo awesome! Thanks for making this!