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  1. The Road to Alpha, Week 5 - Every Town Starts Small

    The game is looking excellent. The downside of the road layout in SimCity is that you end up with wasted space, can you make buildings that bette fill their zones? See the Flatiron Building, Apple, and the Pentagon these and similar buildings should pop up as density and value increase. This would be a nice reward for building a successful city. Also, spontaneous ethnic neighborhoods when enough immigrants from geographic regions show up you eventually get: Chinatown, Little Italy, etc. Churches, should be zoned not built by the "mayor". Until the land is zoned, they can apply for tax exempt status to build in specific parts of the city. Processor factories, casinos and coal mines should be built by industry when the demand for them exists, the mayor should be involved when zoning their locations but not choosing what gets built or what expansions get built. If utilities are not built fast enough, industry will build them at a significant cost for services. New and unique landmarks should also be included, but not ones that the city chooses and builds. When x number of businesses exist and a worlds fair is planned, a tall tower or arch or boardwalk will be built with some city funds and resources. Maybe even a tool to design your own landmark (similar to Spore building) if possible. If I wanted to design buildings for the game, how could I get involved?