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  1. Insane Megatower Mod

    Kind of buggy. Mine's doesnt show the population numbers like yours do. I have strings of text...   example:   ~amount:number~/~capacity:number~string~ in place of where it would show the population number in the apartment.     The population numbers work, but cant see how many are inside the apartment and can't tell what is their hapiness without looking at the data map. I also cannot bulldoze the tower. It would bullduze to the base floor, but you can't delete the base because it will resurrect itself. Once placed, it will be stuck there.
  2. What he said^^. But it would only work through regular roads and not region freeways currently But if you said you can make the utilities go through them, tell me how.
  3. Test My Traffic Light Mod?

    I thought I already seen a "No Traffic Light" mod inside of ProcsKalone Complete Pack Mod
  4. MegaTowers for BOC Mod

      I think the BOC mod itself does this for all buildings that comes with roads, like ferries, train station, the pro stadium, it just leaves behind the roads and makes them to where you cant bulldoze them. How to fix it? That I cannot answer.
  5. MegaTowers for BOC Mod

    Hmm..didn't think about building skybridges outside the box..I may not be experienced enough to know how to do that...I may have to ask some other experienced modders if they know how.
  6. MegaTowers for BOC Mod

    Well, if you said you placed it in the SimCityData folder, then I am not sure what is going on. I can only think maybe you placed my mod in the wrong folder or something. I have no idea if there would be any conflict. I have A LOT of mods installed on my simcity as well, but mine still work
  7. MegaTowers for BOC Mod

    I am not sure. Perhaps a conflicting mod. Do you have the BOC Mod?
  8. MegaTowers for BOC Mod

    HI. You need to have ProcsKalone's BOC Mod. You can get here http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/57261-mod-pack-plop-outside-city-box-all-my-others/
  9. GoGreen Pack for BOC Mod

      Don't know what you're doing wrong, but these all work fine for me. They don't need to be connected to the road directly, instead, they need to be near them. If I am understanding you correctly about what you said, you plopped a building in the middle of nowhere...Obviously it will not work without any roads, but if you have a road near them as if you were plopping it along side a road, then it will work. You use the BOC mod to build the roads out of the city, the resources like water and power will still go through the roads even though you don't see em go outside of the city box. But they do still function and I do see agents going to work. I have a region where I have used the entire region map and it worked for me just fine.     I dont understand. These are cool mods. If you don't know how to use it, then sure, its terrible for you. But those who know how to use it will work wonders for them.     Yes, I will add them later as "Omega Pack" which will add most buildings related to OmegaCo stuff.
  10. GoGreen Pack for BOC Mod

    You can easily bypass this by keep plopping the same module until it goes over the limit. Once it does, the limit will disappear allowing you to plop further until you start seeing your modules say "Not Approved" After you see that, that means you have really reached the limit and any further plopping will make your other modules disappear.
  11. GoGreen Pack for BOC Mod

    Version 1.00


    GoGreen Pack Mod for BOC MOD This mod will contain most of (if not all) the Cities of Tomorrow "Green" Buildings that will be available for construction outside of the city's box!! (If I miss any, let me know). It is used for ProcsKalone BOC Mod which allows you to build outside of the city in the first place. Kudos to him! ControlNet Facility and its 3 Signal Booster Modules The Academy and its 3 Modules (Quantum, Plasma, and Nano) Sewage Sanitizer and its Modules Ground Scrubber Solar Amplifier Module Fusion Power Plant and Advanced Fusion Reactor Modules Wave Power Plant and Advanced Wave Generator Modules (See Note on Bottom) Note: The Wave Power Plant does not need a shoreline to plop and can be ploped virtually anywhere on land. I think this is kind of a cheat, but oh well. Also, please beware that if you decide to bulldoze the Wave Power Plant, it will leave behind a small strip of road that cannot be bulldoze similar to the ferry terminal and the train station. The ONLY WAY I think you can delete them is if you destroy the building with a disaster instead of bulldozing it. But you cannot use disasters out of the city box without a mod as well. Follow instructions for installation 1. Unzip the file after downloading. 2. Copy and paste the .package file into XXX:/Origin Games/SimCity/SimCityData. I just want to give a big thanks to ProcsKalone for his awesome Mod. I know he may be too busy with his real life to update this mod, or perhaps he's taking a break or something, but I will attempt to add some Cities of the Future Buildings to it even though he might add them to his official updates later on. If you find any problems, please let me know, thanks. I will be working on Omega Factories next.
  12. MegaTowers for BOC Mod

    the front entrance of the megatower must be facing the road and also make it straight as possible. It cannot be placed at an angle on the road. 
  13. You can plop MegaTowers with my mod. GO here. In the future I will add more and more. And I will make one big download later.
  14. MegaTowers for BOC Mod

    Version 1.00


    Here is my 2nd Mod I made for use with ProcsKalone's BOC mod. Now you can build MegaTowers outside of the city! Notes: You will need to place this next to a road outside of the city in order to plop it. You can find the megatowers under "Buildings" All the way to the end. Note 2: For this to work, you need to have ProcsKalone's BOC Mod first, you can get it here http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/57261-mod-pack-plop-outside-city-box-all-my-others/ Note 3: Building Medium and High Wealth Apartments outside the city is not advised. They will eventually leave because of "Low Land Value". And because Low Land Value, (just as the water table) does not exist outside the city box, it would be fruitless to do so. However, Low Wealth Apartments are Okay as well as building malls and office levels. Unless somehow you can manage to overwhelm the unhappiness of low land value, maybe it might work. Such as give them good shopping, education, low crime, and very low tax, it may give enough happiness that low land value does not effect them. But, I am not sure.