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  1. Bi-Level Udon One Way Street

  2. Developer Diaries Discussion

    In the video, I think the RCI are well thought beacause the player can change the the length and the height when he wants. Keep on your game ,anselm
  3. Developer Diaries Discussion

    Just a question: When the game will be available test?? (I'm quite impatient ) Keep on your game anselm
  4. Developer Diaries Discussion

    I think a . is in 2D.We can't have only 1D
  5. Developer Diaries Discussion

    What is the april fools??
  6. Developer Diaries Discussion

    Wow,your game looks like fantastic I want to play it Keep on the game Good week
  7. Idea Suggesion : connection

    Yes,Good idea but after a development of the city,when the city will be rich
  8. Idea Suggesion : connection

    Hello, What do you think to put connection's system in the game?? For example,by défault,all buidings takes ADLS with 512 Kbit/s. If a building is less than 1 km from a connection node of subscribers(NRA in french),it can take VDSL2+ with 30 Mbits/s. You can put the fibre for take 100 mbit/s. You can also create a connection's system for mobile. Thanks for reading
  9. Developer Diaries Discussion

    I like your game.Keep on
  10. Hope it will happen even If I'm not happy of the lay-off.
  11. SUGC Simcity Modder's Guide

    helpful.Thank you very much :)
  12. STEX 100 Million Downloads!

    Wow!!!! Nice