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  1. Hi, LOD mean Level Of Detail. For Cities: Skylines it mean a version of your building with 100 polygones (or less) and less detail on it. It is not necessary to reduce your building (i.e. make it smaller). You can also put a lower version of your diffuse map. If you don't put a LOD version of your buidling, the game will create one automaticaly but it will not be beautiful. Here is an extract from the wiki page on Assett http://www.skylineswiki.com/Asset_Editor You may notice your custom models sometimes gets very distorted when viewed from far away : that's because the game automatically generates a low poly version (LOD) of your model and your texture in order to save resources. To solve this problem, you need to provide your own low poly version of the model (the fewest polys the better) and name it yourModelName_LOD.fbx In the same way, you have to create a diffuse texture for this low-poly model, or the game will use an auto-generated one. You should name this texture with a "_lod_d" suffix (lowercase "lod" is important). Pinky!
  2. HI, I don't know if it is what you did but did you try taking the normal subway station and put your building over it instead of replacing it? Maybe when you are replacing it, the object lost the subway connection and the basement effect. Pinky!
  3. You can also download it as a pdf file here Pinky!
  4. Version 2


    This is a marvelous tutorial made by Drushkey on How to plan your traffic in Cities: Skylines and published first on Imgur here http://imgur.com/a/z1rM1 Drushkey is a traffic engineer in Canada. I take no credit for it. I just put his tutorial in a pdf file so you can d/load it before the thread get lost on Reddit. Thanks to Drushkey for the permission to publish it for him. Good reading! Pinky!
  5. Xenocity, Yeah yeah!, you are really just only a fellow gamer and customer ;-) BTW, Thanks for the numbers. You didn't break any news for me and you are right about the way market and public company work. I know that all the first shooters and sports games and some others like GTA are the most popular games right now. You said that Simcity reach the 4 millons mark but for the EA shareholders is was not enough. They cut the support staff 1 year ago on Simcity and decide last week to close the office. For the shareholders, like you just said, niche games like simcity are now out of EA library. They will continue to use the game name but they will never make another Simcity as the PC player want it to be. It is up to company like Paradox/CO to take the torch in the city simulator niche. For them 4 millions copies will be huge. For EA, it is not enough to continue in this genre. I know that when a company is public, the shareholders and investors are the ones running the show. They also most of time a burden to inovation and creativity. They are using the Marketing and sales dept to push everything. They will use the name of a game until sales go down. Even if it is the wrong thing to do as long as they are making money, they don't care about what the customers want in the game. They could kill the chicken just because she put out 11 eggs instead of 12. And if it is the only chicken they have, well, it will be game over and they will go to another public company to make money. That is sad but it is the truth. Pinky!
  6. Xenoxity, You said the right thing here. most GAMERS want sports, shooter and M rated games. These games cost more on licences (sports), graphics, devs and marketing. They have a lot of action, are fun to play and the gamers are willing to pay for DLC to improve their character. So you need to sell more games at a high price. SimCity was $60 and $80 (deluxe version) at launch, the same price as a big shooter game. They make a lot money but now people are angry at them. But it is not the majority of people who like theses kind of games. That is why they don't make as much money as in 2004. In that time, we had a better variety of games for everybody. Now with just that kind of games, a huge number of people move away (I don't know how many, but it is a good mass). This mass of "others " players want to play "littles" games that are now not supported by the big publisher/producer. These games are now available on tablets and phones and they make their money there (if you have the right model). This mass don't have much time to play. They want game they can play while traveling for work or back home (in metro or bus), during lunch time and at home when the kids are finally in bed. They want to play games for the mind not just killing someone every second. That is the problem now with big companies. As I said earlier, Marketing and sales ARE running the show now in big companies. They do forecast for just one slice of the market, the 18-35 who want action games and sports. And they are trying to bring the same model to the casual game and it did not work. Now EA is trying to this with SimCity Buildit and they are not making the number they expected. Sure, people don't want to spend money to build a city. I have a colleague at the office who is playing the game, his city is huge and he didn't spend a dime and he don't expect to spend one cent. People have the choice to buy right now or wait to get what the want to continue to play the game. EA noticed that and now they are modifying the game by lowering the numbers to force people to spend. It will not work, people will be angry (they already are) and worst people will stop playing the game. And at the end they will not make more money or meet the "Numbers" Marketing and Sales project and they will closed another Maxis office (Heksinki). Devs will lose their jobs but the Marketing and sales guys will always be there to continue to do the same mistakes. Pinky!
  7. Xenocity, I read in your messages lately about SimCity and the gaming industry, you seem to be well connected to know what you are telling us. One sentence catch me in the last one: "Maxis was also brought down by fighting with EA's management, Maxis want to do as they pleased and EA was trying to restructure them along profits." EA force Maxis to implement Offline only and DLCs to a city simulator and the way they did it, they failed. People were shooting out loud to have Offline in the game 1 year before the game was out and they didn't listen. They didn't do a real Beta test (game playable for one hour only) and the servers crashed at launch. As you said, the simulation genre cost a lot of money to produce for a smaller profit than a GTA, Call of duty or Battlefield game. But there are people who want to play that kind of game. 2+ millions copies of SimCity that's not bad for that genre. It could have been more with patches to get rid of all bugs and better support for modding. Since Offline one year ago, they did nothing. Only 3-4 people were working on SimCity. The news today, while being sad for the people working there, was the last nail to the coffin in that office. Cities Skylines will be out in a week. For Paradox/Colossal Order, if the 2 Millions people who bought SimCity decide to buy Cities: Skylines, they will be very happy and make a big profit, even at $30/$40 a copy. They are also listening and talking directly to the gamers. No marketing or PR filtering the answers. And they are able to say when they do something wrong. People like their honesty and they still continue to support them. And right now, youtubers can produce let's play with a beta version of the game and prove the game is working and playable. It is not as beautiful graphically as SimCity but the core game is working. Better graphics can be deliver later. And they will support modders and give them tools to improve the game. Like for any big company, EA, being a public company, need to make a lot of money for the machine to run and for the investors to make money. For them, a city simulator is now not the kind of project that can bring enough money for them. Also, Marketing is running the show. If the color of the day is blue, all games must be blue even if it doesn't fit the game genre. For Paradox, being smaller and not being public (unless I'm wrong), they gave more liberty to Colossal Order to create a better game and make money out of this genre. I will put here a sentence I read recently in the January 2015 PC Gamer edition on Star Citizen with producer Chris Roberts: Being asked what's it's like being free from the traditional developer/publisher relationship, his answer was: "Every day we can just focus on what we think is going to be the best game. When you're working with a big publisher, a lot of energy gets expended on marketing and sales, and they determine what your budget is... the problem with that is they get a say in what you do with the game. I've had situations where marketing has said things like "Call of Duty has this, so you need to have this", and if we say no, they will mark the projected sales down by a million units, lowering the development budget. So you end up doing things you don't believe in so you get a good forecast.". Pinky!
  8. Free DLCs...how to get them

    Hi, - The Launch Arcology was given to those who bought COT in pre-order via Origin only. - The progressive Insurance building was free for some months only on Origin (from memory, it was from October 2013 to March 2014). No reason why they removed it, it was free. - The plumbob park was given to those who pre-order the game before launch in 2013. As you said, it is now part of the standard and complete edition. They should at least give it to everybody, mostly those who bought the game after launch but before they modify the standard edition package. You also have the Red Cross which was available for 1 year only in some countries only. The offer finished in September 2014. Should be available for free now that the offer is over as they did with the Crest ones. You also have 5 specific countries DLC available for free. You have to log on Origin as if you were in theses countries (France (2 of them), Poland, Sweden and Germany). Use a proxy to foul Origin to get them. Very soon it will be the 2nd birthday of SimCity. As a gift, Maxis should release all the DLC to everybody for free. Like this, we will be finally able to claim abandon cities. Don't think they do lot of money out of them now and it only frustrate the players. For your information, the complete game including COT and all the DLCs are already on your computer. You need the codes to activate them and you have to buy them to get them (even if it's free). Codes are stick to your Origin account. Pinky!
  9. Hi, All the citizens in the game are what they called "Imposters". In reality, the citizen is a plane put in front of the camera with an image of a 3D animation in 2D format. To change the citizens, you will have to find the images of the citizens with SimCitypak and modify them. The 2D animations include different bodies with no head and multiple heads. Like this, the game select a body and a head and put them together. Also the colors on the body are change so they look different. This way, they can put thousand of people on screen that look 3D while they are in reality 2D animation. To better understand what I'm saying, I suggest you read a document made by Andrew Willmott on his website and the video: http://www.andrewwillmott.com/talks/from-aaa-to-indie . It explain a lot about how the graphics worked in SimCity. Pinky!
  10. SC5 Not For Me

    The game is almost 2 years old and with all the videos available on youtube, you had every chance to see how it look like before buying the game and complaining in 5 minutes about it. Do you have the right video card to play the game? Does the game on your PC look like the screenshots and videos available on the net? If not, then you should change your video card. Pinky!
  11. Disable Cities of Tomorrow

    Hi MayorKodiak, Everybody have the full content of the game on their PC: all the DLCs, Cities of tomorrow. Everything. All is tied to your origin account with activation codes. If you buy COT, it will be activated when you play the game (on any PC/MAC) with your account. So COT cannot be "Uninstalled" nore it can be "deactivated" after you bought it. And you deleted the game from your PC/MAC, Origin will put back all the files again (approx. 3.5GB). The only control you have: do not plop anything COT related. Usually, the icon have the hexa blue backgroung to tell you the park or building will futurized the city. You can look at the futurization data panel to see the futurization effect on your city. And even if you don't have COT activated, your cities can be futurized or get some effect of it by Omega drones if another player in the region who have COT is using it. Best option is to play private in multiplayer mode Online or to play in single player mode offline. Like this you will have the full control of the region as you will not futurize anything. Last option but not the best one because you have to by the game again: Create a new Origin account and buy the standard version only. You can read more on COT here: http://www.simcity.com/en_US/blog/article/simcity-cities-of-tomorrow-future-transformation http://www.simcity.com/en_US/blog/article/simcity-cities-of-tomorrow-launch (read last paragraph) Pinky!
  12. How to zone free DLC's buildings?

    These 5 free DLC are countries specifics only, I don't know if they are still available. Use a proxy to connect to Origin with your account as if you were in these countries to get them. Media Markt: Germany Telia: Sweden Play: Poland Metro: France Micromania: France I made a message with the list of DLCs in the game here: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10080790.page#32709677 Pinky!
  13. Pro Guide Mod

    Ciaolo, You can find all the informations on buildings sizes here: http://www.simcityplanningguide.com/2014/02/SimCityBuildingDimensions.html Pinky!
  14. Marya, I suggest you read this blog http://www.simcity.com/en_US/blog/article/building-edgewater-bay You will find good informations on how they create a region and some layers used to create one. A region is a stack of layers one over the other that contains ressources. Ressources are coal, oil, ore, water, forest, soil and pollution to name a few. Pinky!
  15. Natir, That is the point of this thread, find a way to name mods in a simple manner for modders and players. It took you 3/4 of your first message today to finally bring your idea of the way you want the mod's name. The rest of your message and the one to Yayie were only to point how stupid we are to xoxide, Yayie and me. We bring this problem here to have a discussion and feedback from all of you in good manner. Just say what you don't like, what you like and propose how you see the mod and the compress file be named. Right now, from the feedback we got, including yourself, there is a difference between the name of the compress file we download and the name of the package. The compress file can use the way that is proposed. This will sort the files in your download folder and it will be easy for people to know if they already download it. The team name can be removed as you said, apart for publicity sake, it is already written in the web page of the mod. Someone in the Project Akar thread proposed to put Akar (or whatever special mod is needed) in the mod name to identify it work with it. Starting from my suggestion and people feedback, the compress file can be: 001_[Offline-Online]_[special mod name]_modtype_modname_modversion_moddate.Rar As for the mod/package name, your idea is very good. It have to be short for mods manager and easy to see and to sort in the simcitydata folder. No versioning so when people not using mods manager copy an update of the file package in the simcitydata folder, it will replace the one already there. So your suggestion can now be: 001_[Offline-Online]_[special modname needed]_modType_modName.package Why ? Because some people will not use Akar and they will want to use the standalone mod. So we have to tell which one work with Akar and the stand alone one. This is a work in progress. Your idea is as good as mine. The point is to find a way people and modders will agree the most. It is not a competition on who will win his point and beat the other. It is for all of us. You have to remember all this is new for everybody. Simcity Offline is only 4 months old and see how many mods are now available in less than 2 months. And it will grow and fast in the following months. That's why we have to resolve this before it get out of hands. Pinky!