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  1. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Dahawk, I'll review your CJ. I'll get on it a.s.a.p., thanks for the interest.
  2. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    The Socialist Republic of Roxanya A Review By -M- In an era proclaimed by Francis Fukuyama to be "the end of history," the victory of Western liberal democracy over Communism, it is not only surprising but welcoming to see another socialist themed City Journal. First time CJer, Cancerspam88, has successfully merged SimCity 4 with the characteristic look of typical Eastern European nations under communist rule, and the CJ has had an overwhelming positive response - with CJ regular Connor_V labeling it as one of the best CJs. Cancerspam provides the CJ Reader with a detailed (and picture-filled) "history lesson" right at the beginning of his CJ, a history lesson that is, contrary to expectations, not as boring as one would expect and sets the atmosphere for future updates from the Republic. The typical Eastern European architecture of the Republic is well represented by a lot of custom content (mostly from the STEX) and grants a certain level of authenticity and aesthetic value to the CJ. Porkie's Parisian buildings are successfully used, among others. As we reach page two of the CJ we're introduced to more agrarian and rural settings in the Republic, which in my opinion, successfully conveys the landscape and general ambience of an Eastern European nation (as is brought about by terrain, water and tree mods). From a technical point of view the journal provides a lot of photos - of varying sizes and zoom levels - and is rather easy on the eye of the reader. Cancerspam is also a very friendly, approachable and interactive CJer, quick to respond to comments, making the CJ more of a pleasure to monitor and keep up to date with. Over-all I would say that the CJ is interesting - although not necessarily a new concept or approach to CJing - and adds to the variety we have in CJs at Simtropolis. It is definitely well worth it to keep track of the Socialist Republic of Roxanya, and I am personally interested to see what the future in Roxanya holds. -M-a.k.a KRAM4346 Link to this Review Link to The Socialist Republic of Roxanya
  3. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Thank you so much for the review! I truly appreciate it, and will be taking your 'advice' into consideration. I will definitely be providing more close-ups. Thank you for a very constructive and helpful review. -M- link
  4. Climate mod 1 Winter fog

    Very realistic mod. I like this, and am definitely d/ling! 10/10! :D
  5. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Thank you.
  6. Misc Texture Pack

    Wow! Yet another great one! :D
  7. Roof Texture Pack

    Yet another great pack! Thanks!
  8. Introduce Yourself Here!

    I guess I should have done this earlier, but I am doing it now. Okay, I am a 19 y/o student from Pretoria, South Africa, studying Journalism with specialisation in Political Science and International Political Relations at the University of Pretoria. Uhm, I don't think there's much more that you would want to know. lol And thanks for a great site!
  9. Gold Depra - An Empire of Greed

    I agree with Alakazam, this is a reflection of the capitalist machine, the exploitation of the working class and the extreme pressure on the environment and resources. This does however remind me, to a certain extent, of George Orwell's 1984. But this is definitely not Communism / Marxism, not even close. This more in the line of Fascism, and the distinction between Communism and Fascism is quite important. Although both led to extremely totalitarian regimes (well, Hannah Arendt saw them as the only totalitarian regimes to ever have existed), Fascism is generally considered 'rightist' and communism 'leftist'. The economic, political and social policies of the two 'schools of thought' are very, very different.
  10. Green Depra

    The text boxes are brilliant! And an amazing photo to accompany them. You wouldn't mind if I called you Lady Deidre Sky, would you? *joking* Hope to see more soon! Regards, M
  11. Gold Depra - An Empire of Greed

    This is an AMAZING CJ! Wow! Almost better than Green Depra, but I like the Eco-friendliness of the Gold Deprans more! Great job thus far!
  12. Stone Textures

    Thanks! Looking good! :D
  13. Simtropia

    Thanks! I'll get it a.s.a.p. Strangely enough, I have DivX player installed... Great CJ, yet again!
  14. Simtropia

    Wow! What a great CJ! Definitely one that I look up to. I admire your commitment to it. Great job, I'll definitely be watching this one in future. PS. What format are the videos? I need a plug-in that Firefox just can't seem to find. :S
  15. Beige Estate

    Okay, I changed my mind. It WOULD look good in Elytheria. I commend you yet again on a masterpiece! Its really beautiful and well done! :D