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  1. Hi all, I've been playing Simcity recently and concentrating on region play rather than single city play and wondered if you guys can answer a question for me. Why is the sharing of electricity, water and sewage processing across a region so broken and is there any way to fix it? I'm not talking about the servers being slow to update (they seem fine to me) but I am talking about the crazy way the game allocates resources. A simple example is as follows. City A is producing electricity for the entire region. It produces 40mw and uses 10mw (leaving 30mw for the rest of the region) City B is built and used as a commercial base and needs 10mw which it buys from city A (now leaving 20mw for the rest of the region) City C is built and I decide it will be a mainly industrial city. It needs 15mw - which should leave the region with 5mw spare. 10+10+15=35mw What actually happens is that the game splits the remaining regional electricity between cities B and C equally, giving each 15mw leaving none free: 10+15+15=40mw (it's added an unnecessary 5mw to city Bs allocation) If I then expand city C and it needs 20mw, I'm now in the situation where the total electricity used across the region is actually 40mw. Because the game treats the supply allocated for each city as the same (and equal to the highest usage city) I now need to produce 50mw! 10+20+20=50 (it's added another unnecessary 5mw to city Bs allocation). This seems ludicrous, but is exactly what's happening! If we take this further, assuming A uses 10mw, B uses 10mw, C expands massively and needs 200mw, and I create 3 more cities in the region all needing 10mw (D, E and F), we get this: 10+200+200+200+200+200=1010mw needed across the region! (I actually would only need 10+10+200+10+10+10=250mw) It's the same situation with water and sewage (I think) It really discourages me from using single cities to supply entire regions for resources, and is a bit of a gamebreaker for me. Is this normal? Can anyone confirm that this is the way the game is actually working and is it supposed to work this way? Will offline play still treat resources like this or will they be divided sensibly ie cities only taking what they need? Sorry for the long post, I hope someone takes the time to read it and shed some light on this situation, Thanks!