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  1. The time has come.

    I think they should just do a "trial" then to be hanged, good ol' soviet style!
  2. NAM Tram

  3. NAM Tram

    Where can i get that mod for trip types?
  4. NAM Tram

    Ok i fixed it now i have trains also another question how exactly does the road tram work?
  5. NAM Tram

    So if I delete them it should work?
  6. NAM Tram

    Here it is
  7. NAM Tram

    Ok pics coming I even made a small test town to make it easier.
  8. NAM Tram

    Yes of course i use the tram station that you just plot down onto the track the basic one, should i use a different one?
  9. NAM Tram

    Ok I have no idea how to get the tram to work i tried draging the one way street still no trams appear, so is there an up-to date tram guide?