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  1. why is this happending?

    let me show you the pic...
  2. why is this happending?

    ok... i use this mod.. switch to the "Left Hand Driving"... now my cars are all on the right!...great!.. still don't know why..
  3. why is this happending?

    Originally posted by: ilikehotdogsalot did you download this file: http://www.simtropolis.com/modding/index.cfm?p=details&id=283quote> not yet...i'm gonna try it now.. see if it helps..
  4. after i install the new NAM june 2007...my road is all mess up.. My Turning Lanes is on the right side of the road...but all my cars on the left side of the road.. and i did not use the "Left Hand Version Plugin".... can somebody help me?!.. sorry about my english.