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  1. Show Us Your Suburbs!!

    Simmax is right, an example is needed. With SC4, it's kinda hard to have true Urban Sprawl with a centralized downtown, due to commute time problems. -P2U
  2. Ghetto Plaza Set

    good stuff
  3. FF MEB Khaled Homes

    Very nice! Reminds me of Kuwait! 10/10
  4. 100 United Nations Plaza

    Very nice! I see this building all the time!
  5. Capitalism versus Socialism

    This is off topic from the title but has been broght up in a few posts... I don't quite understand how the minimum wage hurts people. I reason that it should not affect lower level employees. Top executives, making millions and millions of dollars, should take the pay cut instead of lower level workers getting the boot. -P2U
  6. THZ XiangHehLou BGTCN

    Impressive! 9/10
  7. :: Novaya Tulsk ::

    WOW the details there are nice!
  8. Worst City Planning

    Hey, Do any of you have a pick of those 4-foot curbs? I'd like to see what you're all talking about, because I don't think there's something like that near me. -P2U
  9. BigElementarySchool

    Nice! It reminds of schools I've seen in Queens, New York! 9/10!
  10. Wow, excellent coming up here! Can't wait for the release! I know this doesn't advance the conversation in any way, but where did you get those road plop pieces with the RHW on the bottom HALJACKEY? Was is it the NAM, or was it separately downloaded? Thanks, and keep up the good work! -P2U
  11. The Residental New York Pack 1

    Good stuff, but bring a ploppable version!
  12. Under Water Neighbor Connector

    Good Idea! 7/10!
  13. The Capital of the World!

    Right now, New York, but perhaps in a few decades, Mumbai (Bombay) if they get their act together and clean the city, provide jobs to the slum dwellers, broaden diversity, continue booming economically etc., etc. -P2U
  14. Suffolk County

    Nice! 10/10!