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  1. Show us your accomplishment!!

    That thing is HUGE! How did you get your region so big? I have worked with the Map Editor, or whatever that program is called, so I know how to make a map so large, but how do you get them into SC4? That is REALLY an impressive region.
  2. INFO: Map Installation Instructions

    I have managed to upload the map regions, but they look liek a martian landscape. How do I get the water and tress that are supposed to be there? I tried using the God mode in the individual city maps but no water appeared. What am I doing wrong?
  3. INFO: Getting Up and Running

    Your information here was a godsend! Thank you! I was able to upload new maps into SimCity and utilised some of the updates you provided. However, I seem to have Charlie Brown luck this sort of thing, my uploaded map - MiddleEarth to be precise - did upload, but came out looking like something off th Martian surface. There were no trees nor water. Just barren landscape. The layout of the land was obvious, it just looked like, well, like the Martian surface. How do I fix this?
  4. TignKesh Valley

    This is a beautiful map...but how do you upload it into SimCity? Forgive me, I am pretty new at this. I got the instructions for download, but now I want to start building. I have SimCity 4 Rush Hour.