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  1. Show us your accomplishment!!

    I'm region building now, so that I can get bigger skyscrapers. Right now, I just have residential skyscrapers, and very few commercial skyscrapers. I'm probally at a disadvantage since I don't have any mods yet...
  2. Show us your accomplishment!!

    Could you please comment on my city?
  3. Show us your accomplishment!!

    Here's some pics of my first successful city, with over 160,000 population. Here it is in the day. At night! A portion of the city, at night! A portion of the city, at day! The smog you see on the upper corner is only over the industrial area. I'm steadily raising taxes to try to move high-tech industry in there... It's at 15% and rising for dirty industry. Oddly, there's no commercial skyscrapers... I must need more demand or something. Construction has been started on Cygil City next to it