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  1. Black Hole Waste Management Corp

    ...but it still works good
  2. Black Hole Waste Management Corp

    just one problem... when ever i plop any black hole thingamijiggers, they show up as brown boxes. Why?
  3. Garbage Launch Pad

    Hey it's me again. I un zipped it right and everything, but when I opened SC4, i told me that I needed a building pack or something. I thought everything wold be included that I needed. HELP!!
  4. Black Hole Water Works

    Yo. I tried ot down load a few of your utilities, but when I do, they show up in the game as brown packages with string on top. Why?
  5. Garbage Launch Pad

    Sweeeeet. I have not used this in gameplay yet, but it looks awesome. I hope theat it works as well as it looks.