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  1. Shinkansen Series 300 MOD

    [quote name="mutton noir" timestamp="1424890287"]Thanks. Last mod? Are moving to Cities Skylines?[/quote] Yeah that's right. I'm going to move to Cities Skylines!
  2. Shinkansen Series 300 MOD



    Shinkansen Series 300 MOD Long time no see Mayors! This may be the last SimCity 2013 MOD. (just maybe) If you introduce this MOD, Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) runs your city. Please try it! お待たせしました!ついに新幹線MODがでました! おそらく今回でシムシティ(2013)のMODは一旦お休みです(今までもお休みしてましたが…) 東海道新幹線300系のぞみが皆さんの街を駆け抜けます! Attention! This MOD file is large file. So use this MOD at your own risk. このMODは非常にサイズが大きくなっています。ご注意ください。 実はそのほかの形式も用意していたのですが、数日前にHDDが飛んで… 他にもMODのために3Dモデルを作ってあったりしたのですが… (ノД`)・゜・。
  3. EURO Express MOD

    If you didn't introduce Train Fix MOD by Oppie, it may solve your problem :)
  4. EURO Express MOD

    Version 1.0


    Hello and Guten tag. Today, I release this EURO Express MOD. This MOD includes 2 type of cars at present. ICE1 EUROSTAR class373 If you install, chose one type from among these files. Thank you.
  5. Bridge & Tunnel Mod

    おお、これはすごいです! まさに痒い所に手が届くMODですね!
  6. Japanese GabarageTruck MOD

    Version UPDATA


    Japanese GabarageTruck MOD このMODはごみ収集車を日本風(日野デュトロ)のものに置き換えます。 This MOD changes garbage trucks to Japanese style (HINO Dutro). ※車両後部に黄色の点滅するライトが浮かび上がっていますが、残念ながら消し方がわからないです… ご存知の方はご一報ください… *At the back of a vehicle, there are blinking yellow lights. Badly, I don't know how to remove it. Please tell me how to remove it If you know. (14:57追記)SSignさんに解決していただきました! *SSign solved this problem! Thank you! (7/17追記)ching67さん(一本道市長)に動画を作っていただきました!ching67 made a movie for me! Thank you! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/forEmDCBNv4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Movie by ching67 (一本道市長) Special Thanks SSign ching67
  7. Museum [Offline Only]

    Great MOD! So could you tell me how to make building MODs? Thank you again
  8. Japanese Commuter Train E233 MOD SET

    I can't your pictures. I think you may have to install Train Fix MOD by Oppie. It will make your problem to resolve.
  9. udon-addon

  10. Japanese Railway Bridge

    [quote name="Mattley72" timestamp="1404079409"]Good job, thanks! Where can I find the shinkansen mod? 良い仕事! どこで新幹線MODを見つけることができますか?[/quote] Now developing... 開発中です…
  11. Japanese Railway Bridge

  12. Japanese Railway Bridge

    Thank you! Your great texture inspired me to make this MOD.
  13. Japanese Railway Bridge

    Version 1.0


    Japanese Railway Bridge MOD このMODは鉄道の高架線路をトラス橋からコンクリート橋(日本風)に置き換えます。 This MOD replace Truss Bridge with Concrete Bridge (Japanese Style). ※このMODではCaptain氏のImproved Railroad and Streetcar tracksのテクスチャを一部使用しております。 *I used the texture of "Improved Railroad and Streetcar tracks (by Captain)" in this MOD. Thank you. http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29625-improved-railroad-and-streetcar-tracks/ 橋の種類 - The Bridge Type >>> JP-RailwayBridge(Shinkansen)_byTakouma.package 新幹線っぽい架線柱のついた高架橋(架線はついてません) The bridge with catenary poles of shinkansen (without catenary). >>>JP-RailwayBridge(no-catenary)_byTakouma.package 非電化区間の高架橋 No pole bridge. (今後も追加されるかも…?) ※このMODには車両は含まれておりません *This MOD doesn't include any train models. (7/17追記)ching67さん(一本道市長)に動画を作っていただきました!ching67 made a movie for me! Thank you! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/S_4hZploAGw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Movie by ching67 (一本道市長)
  14. Could you show me how to make building MODs such this Your great MOD?
  15. Japanese Bus MOD Set

    [quote name="smalljude" timestamp="1402974617"][quote name="Takouma" timestamp="1402926269"] [quote name="smalljude" timestamp="1402879049"] Thankyou! Installed on my Mac and seems to be working just fine ... I can't wait for more Japanese MODs   :)   Edit:  eecks... I spoke too soon. I only seem to be getting the green/white bus, and others are coming out black. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? [/quote] I'm sorry. I can't find such problem and how to resolve this problem now. I'll announce about this problem if I find a solution of it. Thank you. [/quote] Thanks for looking :)  I'm going to test out all my mods now and see if anything is conflicting with it. I'll let you know if I find anything. Keep up the good work.     EDIT:  ok.... I might be really dumb, but I'll ask the question anyway. When I copied your files into my simcitydata folder, I only copied the .package ones. Do I need to put all of these in that folder as well?  Seems like this could be the key to missing texture files. [/quote] Yes. You're right. You need to copy only .package files.