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  1. Creating realistic rural settings

    Very beautiful, a lot of effort and it's worth it! There are details everywhere and the MMP work is very nice!
  2. U1: The Price of Expansion

    Oh my god! One image will not be enough ... It's rare to see futuristic CJs, and even rarer when they're done so well! Your work is beautiful, I hope you will do new things later, breathtaking!
  3. Port de Caravella: Welcome to Suburbia

    Very detailed, the edge of the beach is really well done! I love your work a lot, I can not wait to see what happens next!
  4. Medrean City olympic park and eco-district

    Realistic, you have left a lot of space between buildings and paths are well done, good job!
  5. Lynnfield - Update 3

    Quelques fois, SC3 me manque lorsque je vois d'aussis belles images... Nostalgie! Sometimes, SC3 miss me when I see beautiful pictures ... Nostalgia!
  6. Hatsukaichi - Closer View

    Beautiful, these neighborhoods are very well realized! The pictures in the night, towards the coasts, is no better! : D
  7. London - Landmarks

    The first picture and that of the Tower of London is beautiful! I love this medieval side of the first picture, you should do an update on this theme! ^^ Congratulations for these beautiful pictures!
  8. Tour of Africa: East Africa

    Magnificent! The image "Serengeti National Park" is superb, I love these animated images, very well done!
  9. SNT (Swiss Network Textures)

    Thank you both for your comments, tonight the sequel! I finished the networks M03 (OWR-2) and P23 (OWS-2). Before tackling a new network, I am going to make changes to all networks to make them more realistic about certain details such as the way cars (the tire marks on the tar). Here are the images of the two networks:
  10. Tour of Africa: Southern Africa

    Always a pleasure to see updates as gorgeous, your work is hallucinating! Congratulations on your efforts!
  11. Hatsukaichi - Aerial View

    Magnificent, the last image of the port is well made. The choice of buildings and MMPs in the water is really well done!
  12. SNT (Swiss Network Textures)

    Tonight just an image that presents all the networks created so far. I finished the network M03, and the network P23 arrives at the end, soon I propose the images. The pedestrian crossings have changed color, in order to make them less fluorescent yellow. Now they have a tint rather close to yellow-orange, inspired directly by the color of the Swiss pedestrian crossings.
  13. Update 42: Cibebek Railway Insight 1

    Beautiful! Nothing else to say.
  14. Simtropolis 9.0 Site Upgrade

    Good news! Thank you for your efforts.
  15. Natural Wonders

    Simply incredible, the lake is probably one of the most beautiful images with PS. The reflection is really well done, it is incredible, congratulations for this work!