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  1. Toronto

    Amazing this airport! Nice update!
  2. SC4D Fix dll problem

    Yes you are right. It is necessary to buy the games with the least software on it, and if necessary the cracker. The monopoly of Steam and other gaming platforms is dangerous. If Steam loses the data and therefore your games, you also lose your games and your money, and you will not have the right to take them to court, because you have accepted the contract with Steam that no one reads ... But I'm going astray ... @That Retro Guy: Follow the command lines that Corina gave you, this is the best solution for the game to be stable. I had a lot of trouble about three years back when I did not know these orders yet, and since then I have not had any problem. I would also like to add that the SC4Fix file is not essential. In any case not for me to my amazement ... Until I see your thread today, I did not know that SC4Fix should be in the root folder Plugins, which is actually very logical since even the DLL file for the cheat is in the root folder. My SC4Fix file was in a folder among the Plugins folder, and so the DLL was not working. It's been two years since it did not work (it was released in December 2015), but yet I never had a problem with the NAM. I use all networks in general proposed by the NAM. My game has never been CTD since I inserted the command line three years ago ... When the SC4Fix DLL was released, I downloaded it and put it in the wrong folder, it never worked, but still, the NAM was never a problem. It's only today that I put it in the right folder, and my game now runs with the name "SC4Fix pre3". But that will not change much.
  3. Show us Your Oddities!

    More than 60,000 vehicles! It's crazy! I do not know if this can solve the problem (maybe you already know the technique), but for my part I use this method to fill the roads of my city, see this: Honestly, I do not think this link can really help you. Because it seems that there is a problem with the game With 60,000 vehicles, it is certain that they must appear.
  4. Video Preview

    VIDEO PREVIEW See you soon!
  5. Video Montage of Pololomia

    Very nice pictures, I'm happy to see someone else make videos on SC4!
  6. Entry 45 - The Dragon Wakes (5E140)

    Very good, there are good ideas!
  7. Show Us What You're Working On

    @korver: You finally attack the big American cities! It was time, I hope you will make several updates on this, especially New York (a little in the same spirit as your Sydney creation). @Silur: Beautiful winter pictures!
  8. Highlights of Pololomia

    Superb, your work is always accurate and meticulous. The way to create neighborhoods, used buildings, roads diagonally, it's really great!
  9. Hong Kong

    Beautiful, thank you for your big work korver!
  10. SNT (Swiss Network Textures)

    Hello everybody! Today, just a small presentation of the network N13 (OWR-1) that is completed. I redid the textures more accurately, the marks of passage of vehicles are cleaner and right, and I redid road marking. I have to make the same changes for the network N07 (AVE-2) and then I will create a new texture set (Avenue Maxis). See you soon!
  11. Well, I did not know what the countdown was ... I'm thrilled to see the Trixie for the first time. Thank you for rewarding me, I was a little surprised to have won, I thought korver would take everything! Thank you to the administrators for all the work they have done on this Trixie. I guess the amount of work had to be big. I can not wait to be here next year! Long live ST!
  12. Beautiful video! I do not like CS much, but now you made me want to play it! Impressive!
  13. Berlin (Pt. 1/2)

    I just love it! Surprising, and really well done, the road network and buildings are well done. You are going to build the SAM 12? I say that because I see a beautiful street on the image Rotes Rathaus!
  14. Scenes from the City

    This comment was tailor-made for you, I'm glad you reveal yourself! I am sad to hear that you had this famous Blue Screen and that this led to the loss of your first CJ! Sometimes, it is good to go on new bases, good luck! And by the way, beautiful pictures!