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  1. SNT (Swiss Network Textures)

    Hello everyone! I forgot to publish the last completed network, the OWR-3. So here is the list of images, I take the opportunity to add to the passage of various images using the textures of the SNT: See you soon!
  2. SNT (Swiss Network Textures)

    Hello, here is the latest textures game, the ARD-3. The SNT is now slowly approaching the end, I hope to publish the mod on exchanges before the end of the year (may be around September). See you soon!
  3. SNT (Swiss Network Textures)

    Hello everybody, thank you for your comments! @matias93: Everything is custom lots, I already tried to do on real networks but it is not yet completed. @_Michael: Thank you very much. All the buildings you see are in the W2W bern pack that you quoted! Tonight some pictures of another scene. The first image is very large, click on it for more details (3890x2220):
  4. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    If I may, I just wanted to post my "read me" files about my ModPack. I created a new one, a ModPack that only contains the dependencies, so I completely redone my "read me" with more details about the mods. I tried to be more specific and take notes of the reviews to improve the content. Everything is in French, but I can translate it with a program like Google Translate if you wish. I hope this can increase ModPack's rating... "ModPack Akallan" (3.80 Go), PDF file "Lis-moi" "ModPack Akallan Light" (2.82 Go), PDF file "Lis-moi" "ModPack Akallan Dependencies" (1.22 Go), PDF file "Lis-moi"
  5. Some More New Areas

    Very beautiful, the scenes are still as well done and realistic. I really like your attempts to break the grid, it works well.
  6. Japan

    Beautiful! Mount Fuji is really well done! Congrulations!
  7. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    Easy to criticize? No, it's not a criticism, but a statement... It's still a year and a half that this subject is open, and it seems to me that you are surprised that I find the situation long... I do not spit on the efforts you make, I fully understand that happens. I repeat myself a little without a doubt, but my ModPack gathers almost all your points. As for the "Read-Me" files, I do not have one for each plugin, this is useless, there is no need to explain what a growable batch. On the other hand, I can complete my Read-Me by adding all the details about all the mods. Also, we must stop repeating that the NAM can not be included in a ModPack ... Why not? The NAM is a mod like any other, very big of course, but like all the mods that change the game. The day the NAM releases a new version, the player who downloaded the ModPack needs only to delete the NAM folder and to install the new version with its desired configuration. I know it's easier said than done, but I propose my ModPack in two versions, one with the NAM, and the other without the NAM, without the lots for the airport and without the modifying mods. the NAM. Like this, the new player can install the NAM immediately with the configuration he wants. There is one thing to understand, some new players come for ModPack and then they leave without ever seeing them again. Maybe most of the players who downloaded my ModPack will not even be aware that the NAM 37 will be released. For them, the interest of ModPack is to play immediately without making any download and have a complete game. Then there is the other type of player that will continue to expand are Plugins folder, and for this type of player I advise them to take the ModPack without the NAM and all the mods that affect it. Thus, they have a complete game, the only missing element is the NAM and they have the total choice to play between an American or European style and have a custom configuration. rsc204, I have a proposal to make you since you do not seem to me 100% convinced ModPack: you download one of my two ModPack to choose (with NAM, or without), you test it and you me say all the positives and all the negatives of it. The file "Read-me" is in French, I can make you one in English just for the occasion (with Google Translate). My entire Plugins folder is in French too, but that is not very serious, the goal is only to see the operation and principles of my ModPack. What do you think? You are obviously not obliged, but I am ready to hear all the criticisms on my ModPack, as long as it helps me to improve it and maybe in the future it will be able to be downloaded officially?
  8. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    Thank you very much Haljackey for the link. This confirms one thing unfortunately, the time that administrators take to make decisions about is far too long. So it creates parallel "wild" downloads of ModPack directly made available to the public. I downloaded the ModPack to see, well Tyberius06 summed up the situation very well ... There is no organization, there are files that modify the gameplay and we do not know what it's used for, it's really bad. It is dangerous for the community this kind of ModPack, and it dirty the image of ModPack which seems to me already bad in general. Since the beginning that this topic was opened (July 9, 2017), I read a lot of comments that says that ModPack is not good or that they denigrent, and this is completely false as far as we know how to create folders with a correct organization. But this ModPack gives reason to people claiming that ModPack are bad! It annoys me a lot because I have been working on my ModPack since October 2016 and I am careful to keep everything tidy. I have always made available my ModPack to the public but indirectly, if someone wants it he must contact me first for me to give him the download link. This avoids having people who download the ModPack for nothing and only those who really need come to ask me. My ModPack has been available for about a year and a half, and I have never had a problem or even people who came to complain, simply because my file is stored, sorted and organized optimally, and most importantly There is a PDF document "Read Me" which is included. People can learn about using my ModPack and how to handle it. It is sometimes updated, with new mods, bats, and the latest versions of NAM. Banning someone from SC4D, ST or another site because it shares ModPack should be banned. If we do not open to other new players, we are left between us and this is never good. I am always happy to share my file with others, thanks to this one he can play without taking his head, and with a little luck he will even present his cities on the forums ... is not that the spirit of the forums? I am not alone in proposing ModPack, I know some other players who do it too but I will not mention their names. What's important to understand is that I often receive requests to share my plugins since I opened my CJ "Phoenix Project" and make my YouTube videos. If there are so many requests, there is a reason, there is no official ModPack offer on the forums and for new players and it is complicated sometimes to navigate with all outbuildings ... not to mention those that no longer exist or are hard to find. It discourages, and we lose players, and therefore the community. I'm not afraid to say that I share my Plugins, I do not hide it since it is written roughly on my TSC profile, but I know that what I do is good for the community! I wish to further clarify that I do not criticize the work of forum administrators saying that the process is long. I understand the situation very well.
  9. I I I

    @Silur Hello, did you try on another browser? @Linoa06 First of all, thank you for your good comment. I already knew in advance that making this video would not please everyone. From a technical point of view, I totally agree with you. The video lacks "life", I still learn a lot by making videos and I think it's time to change the format of writing "white on black background" that I do on all my videos, among others. For music, I think it's mostly a question of taste, others like it. The problem is that with this kind of theme, if you do not like or do not adhere to conspiracy, the video becomes bland immediately. Do not worry, I do not want to use Phoenix Project as a CJ to spread ideologies! But I wanted to make a video of this type, just once, also to see the reaction of people and see what the world thinks. I have the impression a few times that we are all out of touch with reality, and that we forget the essential. It is clear that the format of the video has nothing to do with SC4, but the only forums that I attend are those related to this game, that's why I posted this video here and not on a blog in relationship with the conspiracy and counter-current facts. Also, I had fun using the software Gimp to edit the images, it's a first in my CJ, and the images used in this video were in my opinion, a good training. I just wanted to ask you a question. When I read your comment, I feel that for you, everything is going well on our land. It may be a false impression on my part, but you say this: "Conspiracy theories and counter-mainstream politics make for great fiction, [...]" I want to say that I do not support any conspiracy theories, far from it. But I like to immerse myself in a world with these beliefs, those who support conspiracy theories or not. I read books, did research on the internet and chat with other people around me in real life, and I created my opinion. I will not discuss all the details here, because you said we are on Simtropolis and not a conspiracy blog. We can discuss it by MP if it tempts you (or not)! Do not think I'm crazy! In any case, thank you for your comment, it is nice to read! @TekindusT Thank you for your comment. I do not have much to add because I mainly answered Linoa06. Of course I fully assume the texts and images posted. There is a huge problem when we talk about conspiracy (whether for vaccines, chemtrail, or others): there is never any official evidence from the government that confirms a conspiracy. And that makes sense, the government is not going to shoot itself in the foot itself, since all conspiracy theories are based on international facts and the main actors are the industrialists and governments. We all know that money creates power, so it is quite possible that the industry has a strong influence on the government (lobby). The government will not recognize this kind of practice directly. In the end, conspiracy theories are discredited and banned from the public. It seems to be kind of a vicious circle ... Pharmacies create the diseases and then sell their drugs! A little phrase that is often heard in Switzerland. Anyway, thank you for your comment. In all sincerity, I only hope that everything in my video is only fantasy, and live the future serenely! - As a bonus, I post the images without the compression made by the video and YouTube software below my video!
  10. Port de Caravella: Some more Suburbia

  11. More Rural Development!

    Wow, beautiful! I find that your job MMP is is always getting better! You really restore this air of Northern European countries. And finally, it seems to me that you are doing more and more MMP scenes and less and less urban scenes, I'm wrong? In any case, continue, I appreciate all your updates!
  12. I I I

    Hello everyone, The video is finally coming out, it's different from the others I've done so far. It is oriented rather political in general than on the game itself and you will understand it quickly by viewing it. If it took so long for it to come out, it's because I hesitated for a long time before deciding, because the video presents ideologies different from the norm and the media "main stream". I can understand the disagreement about people's opinions, but please remain respectful in the commentary space. I am open to all discussions as long as it is constructive. Good viewing! Images used in the video:
  13. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    Sea a lot for the work you have done! It's a small step for the man, but a big step for SC4!
  14. SNT (Swiss Network Textures)

    Good evening everyone! A last update for this year. I realized a small town with the textures of the SNT. This is the first time that I embark on the creation of a city with my textures, I am quite satisfied with the overall result. I take the opportunity to also wish you happy holidays and a happy new year 2018 with a little advance, because I will not be there these next few days! See you soon!
  15. Historic New York City

    Beautiful work korver, what talent! I'm glad you built an entire city, just as you did for Sydney. Especially since NY is impressive, by its size and excessiveness. Congratulations!