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  1. Happy New Years everyone, wherever you are!

    My resolution for this year: Be less lazy and get some WIPs done for once! *:kitty:

  2. Brushing some major dust off of projects after an extended Diablo 3 binge. Oh where to begin.... >.<

    1. CorinaMarie


      Welcome back. :)

      (I did a 13 year binge with D2 myself before I joined here.)

  3. Waiting on the release of Nvidia's GM200 chip 'til I start BATing again... oh the eternity has never been this horrendous =/

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    2. Finnbhennach


      Hmm, GMT I would literally have to sell an arm to be able to afford the quadro series... maybe in time haha they do look delicious however. I was thinking more on the lines of a GTX Titan II or GTX 980 Ti with 6GB - 12GB of VRAM.

    3. Finnbhennach


      T Wrecks, I guess you could say it died trying to render my current projects in iray. It just wasn't capable of computing that much polygons. It is still in the testing phase because the lighting/colors are all skewed compared to what we normally see with mental ray. Hopefully I can share the test results soon once I get my system up and running again.

    4. GMT


      I hope there won't be a 980Ti for at least until late fall cuz otherwise I would be utterly... well... sad cuz I just got a regular 980 in Dec. on account of being impatient and couldn't wait for the Ti... lol

  4. Happy belated new year everyone!

  5. Slated for mid-late January: 132 North Harbell Street "Revision 55" Update

    1. weixc812


      Can't wait! !

  6. Countdown to latest next Thursday, November 14, 2013. 132 North Harbell Street. Revision 34.

  7. Quite behind with my BATing schedule... could be that I'm overthinking some design decisions... hopefully I get some updates rolling again soon...

    1. weixc812


      Yeah, we're all looking forward to it...

  8. Under the weather... A bit fussed up knowing that I caught a cold from someone at work. Haven't had a chance to really BAT yet, sorry guys. Hopefully, I'll get something out soon enough.