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  1. Man.... my mod only has three downloads and it was posted two hours ago.... I really suck at modding :( it's been proven. Three times now.

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    2. Gn_leugim


      I think the issue is the quality of what you do, but the type and demand of what you do. for what I see, your mods tend to be a bit like cheating / anti realism, which, is something that is not very sought after.

    3. Huston


      True, it might just be a matter of getting the right idea, and something that'll cater to the everyday player, improving their experiences in a way not done before but will be a found necessity among people.

    4. CapTon


      Thanks guys :) I want to make the fire disaster tool more powerful, but can't figure that out. I'll see if somebody can help me with that.