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  1. I'm kinda ambitious but then again I have been since birth. What if there are sister cities in CJ forum or in general a big international world? Just like what I see in Ellis Valley and Schulmania but in bigger scale? Imagine the cities siding with Queensferry and the cities siding with Schulmania. It's going to be a world war anytime soon! Hahaha :D

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    2. jmsepe


      Oh so its outside Simtropolis. Hahaha. Anyhow, I'll check them out too. Thanks for the info. Teiko Council gladly sends request to Ellis Valley to be one of the cities with diplomatic relationships. :D

    3. SimRico


      All you need is a Private Membership in the Stepford Men's Association (S.M.A), a highly secretive board of clandescent and powerful roolers! Heck, Simtropolis doesn't even know it, but "sims" were once real people ....until ...well..nuff said...

    4. jmsepe


      Hahah. Is thst SMA in your CJ or is it really a secret group around the forum? Hahaha